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cannabis versus coffee


Cannabis Versus Coffee

Cannabis or coffee? When choosing in public, opting for cannabis may be controversial. Coffee, on the other hand, will be…

algae enemy of marijuana


Algae – Worst Enemy of Marijuana

Growing cannabis can be rewarding especially when growing hydroponically. With the advancement in technologies, researchers and horticulturist is still striving…

cannabis strains for sleep


Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are disturbances or problems that cause abnormal sleeping patterns. The most common type of sleep disorder is insomnia,…

cannabis mold


3 Unexpected Ways to Get Mold in Marijuana

Have it ever occurred to you while strolling down to your cannabis plants, you’ve encounter unnecessary white powdery substances lingering…

indoor cannabis grow room


Making an Indoor Grow Room

Probably, the safest place to cultivate your cannabis plants is indoors. Comparing to outdoors, growing cannabis indoors will ensure safety…

cannabis effects on sleep


Marijuana’s Effects on Sleep

As controversial as the cannabis is these days, who would not want a cure for the sleepless nights? Well, everyone…

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