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Explore marijuana strains from different growers and seedbanks. We review and discover new strains overtime to provide you quality information of the strains you want to buy and grow.

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Finding marijuana strains at any seed banks or dispensaries, strains are divided into 3 types of group: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Find the best strain effects that suites you!

Sativa Strains

With some immensely uplifting highs and rich flavors that coat your mouth, these Sativa strains are sure to blow your mind! These energy-filled buds will be all you need to jumpstart your days!

Indica Strains

If you are looking for the best strains to help you keep calm and chill out, then look no further! Here, we have some of the most widely recognized Indica genetics from across the world. 

Hybrid Strains

Take things to the next level with Hybrid Strains. Get the best of both worlds from these premium genetics of sativa and indica to see unique balance of their effects. Let the adventure begin!