1 20 CBD

1:20 CBD+ Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
0.5% - 1%
400 - 600 grams per square meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks
Semi-humid Climate
Growing Difficulty
Pungent, earthy, sweet, fruity

Where To Buy 1:20 CBD+ Marijuana Seeds

1:20 CBD+ Marijuana Seeds Information

1:20 CBD+ is a Positronic indica and sativa variety that can be grown indoors where plants need 63 days of flowering, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. The 1:20 CBD+ positronic is or was available only as feminized seeds.

What are the flavors and effects of 1:20 CBD+?

The flavors of 1:20 CBD+ are pungent, earthy, sweet, and fruity. Almost without warning, 1:20 CBD+’s heavy-hitting sedative effects are kicking in. The intense relaxation that it creates allows laziness to set in when it does. Using a little too much pressure and leave users on their couch or bed closed.

What are the medical benefits of 1:20 CBD+?

The pressure melts away any strain or tension as users end up with blissful relaxation. Sunshine Daydream benefits people with depression in this regard and finds comfort in similar or related issues. Before the strain’s effects leave the body, it is highly likely that users will fall asleep. As such, it supports sleeping patients and makes them feel as if they would visit dreamland.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from 1:20 CBD+

Given how harsh Sunshine Daydream’s smoke is, it appears the strain can result in severe adverse reactions. Also, the symptoms arising from marijuana use are often very mild. Used in moderation, users can expect dry mouth and dry eyes to a much lower degree.

How to Grow 1:20 CBD+?

A semi-humid environment is an environment in which Sunshine Daydream prefers. Under normal conditions, the transformation will begin to bloom. Once it reaches maturity, growers should expect each plant to produce at least 15 ounces of buds.

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