2 Scoops

2 Scoops Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
more or less 8 weeks
Indoor/outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Orange, cream, earthy

Where To Buy 2 Scoops Marijuana Seeds

2 Scoops Marijuana Seeds Information

A variety from Elev8 Seeds, 2 Scoops is considered as a crown jewel for its producer. “T-bud” and “T-Fly” genetics who cultivates and breeds for forty years in Central California gives way to the production of 2 Scoops, a strain that literally shares a 50/50 property from its parent strain. A daughter of Orange Sherbet and Grape Sherbet, 2 Scoops is a great reminder of an old school’s tastes which many cannabis lovers would like to reminisce. More than that, this weed offers a unique profile when it comes to its terpene and trichome production.

What are the Flavor and Effects of 2 Scoops?

This Sherbet strains daughter is a great companion while looking back at older times as it offers old school flavors. 2 Scoops give you the blend of orange and cream with earthy punches making it suitable for any cannabis users who just love simple tastes and flavors. Its effect is amazing. This weed has a high amount of THC so it gives a strong and cerebral effect. Both euphoria and psychedelic effects were offered by this cannabis but later on, you’ll slowly feel the relaxation crawling in your body leaving you couch-locked.

What are the medical benefits of 2 Scoops?

A great mood enhancer, 2 Scoops is a good recommendation for patients suffering from certain mood swing conditions. This marijuana is also good for battling depression, fatigue, and stress. Its relaxing nature has also been helping patients relieve pain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from 2 Scoops?

Cottonmouth and dry eyes were adverse effects of using 2 Scoops, especially with larger servings during consumption.

How to Grow 2 Scoops? Some information and Tips.

This weed will grow either in indoor or outdoor cultivation. It promises not a moderate but a crazy high yield as long as its basic needs are provided. Growers are required to take a close look at this cannabis as they grow to make sure that it will yield a great harvest.

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