29 Best Sativa Marijuana Strains

best sativa strains

As compared to cannabis indica, cannabis sativa strains take a longer time to flower and form buds. However, cannabis sativa grower is highly rewarded for their efforts because they gain excellent yields. Marijuana sativa strains are native to Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and India, which are the leading cannabis growing regions in the world. Cannabis sativa is perfect for smokers or users who want to feel and enjoy the herb the entire day, with its uplifting effect.

Power Flower Strain

It was engineered specifically for commercial growers who want higher yields. Indoor cannabis growers can harvest high yield reaching up to 650 grams per square meter. This cannabis plant survives in warm climates, thriving in California and Italy. It causes a cerebral high which is energetic and smooth. The buds taste sour and sweet, reminiscing limes and lemons.

Haze Berry

It is a classic medicinal cannabis combining the cerebral high associated with Haze and the flavor of Blueberry. The buds possess a sweet flavor and energizing high. It is best for people who want to still do tasks and accomplish jobs during the day. It is offering outstanding harvest as it creates large plants perfect for outdoors and indoors.

Shining Silver Haze

It is a stable cannabis strain with haze, Northern Light, and Skunk as its lineage. This hybrid is suited outdoors and indoors, giving up to 450 grams per square meter yield.

Royal Madre

It is a cross between Queen Madre and Jack the Ripper, blending cannabis sativa (75%) and cannabis indica (25%). It can balance CBD and THC levels which are specifically made for medicinal users. It is the ideal options for cannabis growers who want to cultivate a mature plant that is prepared to be harvested within just eight weeks.

Amnesia Haze

It is excellent for either outdoor or indoor grow sites. Get rewarded for cultivating this cannabis strain of up to 600 grams per square meter. It provides psychedelic overtone and cerebral high.

Sour Diesel

This is a very popular cannabis sativa that hailed on Emerald Triangle in California. After the flowering period of 10 weeks, the plant provides large branches and structure.

Royal Moby Strain

It has a Spanish lineage, Moby Dick. After 9 to 10 weeks, cannabis growers can already harvest the buds.

Fruit Spirit

It has an incredibly high, and mellow and rich flavor. It comes from the sweet skunk plant that many smokers love and enjoy. The yield can reach up to 400 grams per square meter. It can grow tall (more than 2 meters).

Royal AK

It is a bend of the best and finest marijuana strains from Mexico, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Thailand. Carbon filters are needed for cutting down the strong smell of diesel as well as a berry from your grow site. The THC level reaches more than 18%.

Dance World

It is a result of crossbreeding two phenotype of Dance Hall from Afghan and Mexican origin. It has high CBD levels, thus an ideal medicinal cannabis. It is used in the treatment of inflammation, anxiety, and pain.

Top 10 Strongest Cannabis Sativa Strains

Ghost Train Haze

It contains up to 28% of THC level, thus making it as one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world. It is uplifting and fast-acting sativa, recommended for advanced users.

Strawberry Cough

It is a famous potent cannabis sativa with a fragrant and fruity strain that can tickle the throat. It is usually found on most local dispensary and coffee shop menus. The THC concentration is between 24% to 26%.

Cinex Sativa Strain

This is a happy cannabis that is sativa-dominant, which is potent, giving 26% THC. It provides great relaxation and comfort which is perfect to use at daytime or after breakfast.

Chernobyl Strain

It is a result of crossbreeding Trinity, Jack the Ripper, and Trainwreck. It has a whooping THC level of up to 30%. it is very potent and provides a contented and uplifting experience to either recreational or medicinal users alike.

Durban Poison

It came from South Africa which is 100% pure cannabis sativa. It has a powerful head rush and hits like espresso shots. It is a famous cannabis sativa strain that also produces THCV, which is a lesser-known type of cannabinoid helpful in treating diabetes.

Amnesia Haze

It brings clear-headedness, introspection, and great concentration. It features THC level up to 25%, bringing a user in the euphoric state and blissful state.

Super Silver Haze

The cannabis buds possess the impressive trichomes, producing 24% to 25% THC levels, which is considered as one of the best choices for strong cannabis.

Green Crack Strain

It provides an energetic and gleeful experience featuring a THC level of up to 24% and providing a cerebral and spacey experience. It is a daytime strain to help the user focus and gets calm.

Cinderella 99 Strain

It is a very potent strain, having a THC level of 22%. It is energizing and offers fast-acting cerebral high.
10. Laughing Buddha. It makes a user energetic, easy going, and enjoy life. It is good as a daytime strain to perform tasks.

Cannabis sativa strains have high potency or high THC levels, causing the major psychoactive effects. It causes cerebral high, euphoria, joy, happiness, blissfulness, and even relaxation, stress reduction, and reduced anxiety are minimal doses

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