3 OG 1 Marijuana Seeds

3 OG’s #1 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20 - 26%
1.63 oz per square feet
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
Growing Difficulty
51 inches
Earth, skunk

Where To Buy 3 OG’s #1 Marijuana Seeds

3 OG’s #1 Marijuana Seeds Information

It is an Indica-dominant strain developed by the masters from Top Dawg Seeds. It’s a nice combination of 2OG’s and Underdog. 2OG’s is stimulating and relaxing while Underdog is no different as it is sedative too. So this strain has a strong potency yet relaxing. It’s best consumed in the evening and at night to relax your senses from a day of hustle and bustle.

What are the Flavor and Effects of 3 OG’s #1?

The flavor is as strong as its potency. There’s earthy essence mingled with skunkiness in this strain. This strain gives off calming and relaxing sensations while consumers are in euphoria. They feel elated so they tend to be happy and creative at the same time. But in the end, you will be completely relaxed at home.

What are the medical benefits of 3 OG’s #1?

It has analgesic properties that can ease the pain whether it’s temporary or chronic. It’s always recommended to have this smoke at the end of the day as it can wash away fatigue. Therefore, it leaves users in a refreshed state.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from 3 OG’s #1

The main negative effect of this bud is dry mouth. It can be easily eliminated by drinking a lot of water or fluids. It’s a strong weed so it’s wise to have a small amount when you’re a newbie or if you have a low tolerance.

How to grow 3 Og’s #1?

It thrives within outdoor and indoor cultivation though it is not available in feminized seeds. You can secure clippings from healthy, mature plants. When you have limited space, you can apply LST and SCROG methods to control its height.

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