3 OGs 2 Marijuana Seeds

3 OG’s #2 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
56 - 63 days
Growing Difficulty
Short - Medium
Fuel, diesel

Where To Buy 3 OG’s #2 Marijuana Seeds

3 OG’s #2 Marijuana Seeds Information

As the name implies, this is the second creation of Top Dawg Seeds OG variations. It was completed by combining 2 OG’s and LA Kush. The former is stimulating and relaxing as it gives both cerebral and body high while the latter is like a Jack of all trades as it can be relaxing, uplifting and mood enhancer. But this strain has its strength in its sedative effects. This strain will offer users the relaxation that they deserve after a busy day.

It is a classic OG strain that is embodied by Indica characteristics.

What are the Flavor and Effects of 3 OG’s #2?

Since this is a classic OG representation, the taste of this strain is somewhat related to fuel and diesel. Veterans would love this and if you’re not a fan of fruity strains, you must try this one. It is powerful with its body buzz and sedation that will leave smokers in couch-lock.

What are the medical benefits of 3 OG’s #2?

This can mend sore muscles from fatigue. It invigorates a person’s body and mind so you will have a new and clear perspective in life. When you struggle with insomnia or sleeping disorders, it will help you gain sleep easily.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from 3 OG’s #2

Strain’s side effects are cottonmouth and red, itchy eyes. These can be reversed by supplying your body with water to keep moisture.

How to grow 3 OG’s #2?

This plant will flourish indoors and outdoors. The feminized seeds are not available but you can still grow it by cannabis pollen which male plants are capable of producing. You also have the option of planting it by cloning.

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