78 LA OG Affie

78 LA OG Affie Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
350 - 450 grams per square meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7 to 8 weeks
Warm Climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, pungent

Where To Buy 78 LA OG Affie Marijuana Seeds

78 LA OG Affie Marijuana Seeds Information

If you happen to go over the strain named 78 OG LA Affie, don’t leave it behind. It’s an uncommon find and might be perfect for an assortment of exercises in spite of its notoriety for being a brute of an indica. While analysts report that its capabilities will usually bring a clear quiet, center, and unwinding to every last trace of the body, some have encountered its gentle sativa impacts. That is, a slight beginning of vitality before it crumples into the couch-lock indica strains are outstanding for. When you get your 78 OG LA Affie, you will experience a fragrance and taste suggestive of a commonplace OG strain, being sweet and natural with hints of lemon.

What are the flavors and effects of 78 OG LA Affie?

The flavors of 78 OG LA Affie are sweet and pungent. 78 OG LA Affie can make your center or your focus keener than any other time. You may also feel increasingly persuaded subsequent to smoke this award-winning strain. Many 78 OG LA Affie clients guarantee that the impacts of this strain resemble serenity crawling and spreading through your framework. As the impacts develop, you will have the option to feel progressively loose. You will, at that point, feel drowsy and settled once the impacts descend.

What are the medical benefits of 78 OG LA Affie?

78 OG LA Affie can be utilized to wipe away weariness and stress. It is an extraordinary strain for giving you full-body unwinding. This strain is even brilliant with regards to making individuals increasingly happy. Henceforth, 78 OG LA Affie is incredible for combatting depression. Besides its enemy of melancholy properties, 78 OG LA Affie can also treat migraines, headaches, and even severe and constant pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from 78 OG LA Affie

78 OG LA Affie remains loyal to its heritage or its lineage, even with its effects. This hybrid will usually make you feel dry-mouthed, with a thirst that will not leave soon. Once in a while, you may feel somewhat uneasy and on edge when smoking this strain, as it can feel very solid.

How to Grow 78 OG LA Affie?

This strain is likewise very simple to think about, as it is moderately uncomplicated as long as you keep it in a warm and radiant spot and away from chilly climate or an excess of humidity.

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