Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19% - 24%
16 oz per square meter (indoor), 19 oz per plant (outdoor)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
10 – 11 weeks
Balmy Sub-tropical and Warm
Growing Difficulty
Creamy, Earthy, Pine, Coffee, Sweet, Citrus, and Pungent

Where To Buy Acapulco Gold Marijuana Seeds

Acapulco Gold Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain originates from the zone in Acapulco, Mexico. From its name, this cannabis strain displays orange hair that takes after gold hues, its buds are separated an in dark green hues. A smell of consumed toffee waits when you separate the bud. Acapulco Gold cannabis strain has gained notoriety for being outstanding amongst other cannabis strains and it’s getting progressively hard to discover.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Acapulco Gold?

A sharp creamy hint along with earthy, pine, coffee sweet, citrus and pungent undertones that will stick within your limps as you savor this cannabis strain. This strain is tied with initiating solid and evident sentiments of joy, permitting you to feel illuminated and animated. This solid Sativa is best in elevating and is prescribed as a somewhat ice breaker. Acapulco Gold cannabis strain will heighten your mindset and draws you to firm euphoria. It will promise you more of the positive state of the mind, allowing you to be so cheerful around your depleting days.

What are the Medical Benefits of Acapulco Gold?

This strain is a viable medication against ceaseless agony like back pains, muscle fits, and headaches. This is additionally successful in curing stress and depression as your mind will fall in deep focus and best vibes. Your memories will be loosening up and your difficulties would be out in an instance which makes this the best remedy for ADD or ADHD. Additionally, this is best in relinquishing the torments of radiation and chemotherapy. Acapulco Gold cannabis strain is a perfect sleeping medication as this terminates exhaustion and brings you to sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Acapulco Gold

This intense cannabis strain with a high THC level will let you encounter some adverse effects. A dry mouth can happen or as often as possible. It will be then combined by drying your eyes causing you to feel irritated on it. Dizziness may also prompt which you may feel tipsy, particularly when you use this on a higher portion. In some rare cases, your irritations may transform into anxiousness, and this often happens when you use this the first time.

How to Grow Acapulco Gold?

Growing Acapulco Gold cannabis strain is not best suited for novice growers as this needs more tending to do. This cannabis strain leans more on a balmy sub-tropical and warm climate. If your goal is to have more of its yields and let out the best aroma and fragrance then cultivate this within indoors as you can adjust some elements like heat, warmth, and humidity. This can also be grown outdoors but make sure it’s got the best temperature and out from pest or any harmful pathogens.

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