Afgan Kush x Skunk

Afgan Kush x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400-450 gr/m2 indoors / 1000-1200 gr/plant outdoors
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7 - 9 weeks
Warm Climate
Growing Difficulty
100 to 130 cm
Fruity and Sweet

Where To Buy Afgan Kush x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Afgan Kush x Skunk Marijuana Seeds Information

The Afgan Kush x Skunk is a pure indica strain grown in Afghanistan is a towering level of cannabinoid generation and an exceptional outcome of crossbreeding Afghan Kush, a 100% indica cannabis grown in Northern Afghanistan with the famous Skunk#1, the original indica-sativa hybrid combination of Afghan, Mexican and Colombian genes. The Afghan Kush x Skunk is highly reputed and sought for healing properties.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Afgan Kush x Skunk?

Flavors of the Afgan Kush x Skunk is more on the sweet and fruity flavor that will wake you up with happiness and uplift. The euphoric high will hit you slightly as the giggle effect covers you from head to toe. And the good news, as this high mellows down, you will feel relaxation like no other.

What are the medical benefits of Afgan Kush x Skunk?

Afgan Kush x Skunk may have a long list of disorders to be treated, but the major ones are insomnia, lack of appetite, depression stress, and for patients with ADD/ADHD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Afgan Kush x Skunk

The negative effects of this strain are not that considerably alarming, just slightly dry eyes and headaches will kick you.

How to Grow Afgan Kush x Skunk?

To grow this strain, you must at least know how to prune it properly to have a better circulation with air and nutrients. Afgan Kush x Skunk can be grown anywhere indoors or outdoors; basic nurturing is all it needs.

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