Afghani Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 20%
350 to 450 grams per square meters
Flowering Period
7 to 9 Weeks
Temperate and Warm
Growing Difficulty
Hashy, Sweet

Where To Buy Afghani Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

Afghani Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

A potent Indica local was brought to the market by High-Quality Seeds. This small plant that has broad leaves and a relatively short flowering period cannot be denied as one of the Indica members.

Its lineage can be backtracked to the Asian strain of Hindu Kush and Afghani, making it a true and pure Indica.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Afghani Hindi Kush?

This cannabis strain has a hashy flavor and a sweet accent on its after taste. Its effects are body buzzing which is the reputation of Indica strains. It is very relaxing and sedative in nature. It is an ideal afternoon strain for users who seek relaxation at home.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghani Hindi Kush?

One of the many traits of this cannabis plant is its medicinal functions. It eases users from symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Its ancestry is known to have high Cannabinoid content that is very suitable in treating chronic pain and inflammation. It is also a powerful sedative for users who are restless due to Insomnia and other sleep-related illnesses.

Negative Effects you can expect from Afghani Hindi Kush?

Negative effects of this strain are not different from any adverse reactions of using any cannabis strains. It may include but not limited to dry mouth, dry eyes, and headache. It may also induce lethargy if consumption is not regulated.

How to Grow Afghani Hindi Kush?

It is categorized as moderate in terms of cultivating. It is a manageable plant for new growers to plant because it doesn’t grow very tall. Occasional trimming may be necessary to make sure that promising branches will receive more nutrients.


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