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American Haze / California Haze Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 grams/ m2 (indoors); 600 grams per plant (outdoors)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
10 to 12 weeks
Growing Difficulty
180 centimeters
Citrus, Diesel, Lemon, Spicy, and Sweet

Where To Buy American Haze / California Haze Marijuana Seeds

American Haze / California Haze Marijuana Seeds Information

This hybrid ganja is a whole Sativa package due to the origin it has as well as providing a remarkable Sativa push. Both the parents of this hybrid strain are from the acclaimed Haze family, with that this cannabis is efficacious, and that is no doubt. It is best to consume this ganja in the morning as it can give a good source of energy and a quick lift. It can also encourage calmness and does not cause lethargy. Also, this ganja can stay for a long time yet not hyperactive.

What are the Flavors and Effects of American Haze / California Haze?

Users of this cannabis can encounter several tastes at once, like gulping a glass of lemonade. The sugary and acidic tang is also perceptible. There is also an influence of diesel with some strikes of spiciness. Its aftertaste is the lemon from this strain. This cannabis also considered an awake and baked strain because of its strong Sativa and mental effects. As such, it has a euphoric and uplifting high that can help lots of recreational users start a brand-new day as it permits them to have a positive state of mind. This can also improve creativity, which is helpful for those who are inclined with arts. A gush of energy is also attainable in this ganja that helps the users fuel up. When its Indica side takes its part, it gives a fine-drawn calmness and makes an evenly balance high. When its Sativa fades away, the soothing result of this cannabis will be powerful that can provide satisfying relaxation to the users.

What are the Medical Benefits of American Haze / California Haze?

This cannabis is one of the natural options for prescribed drugs. Though it is not that popular compared to other strains, this ganja is also great in providing medical advantages to its users. To with, it helps palliate long-term pain and ease mental issues. This hybrid ganja does well for those who have anxiety, depression, stress, and bipolar disorder. Also, for those who have fatigue, this strain is beneficial to them. This ganja launches positivism and an outpouring of energy that aids the users in facing their day. This strain is not just about alleviating psychological disorders because it also does well with physical illnesses. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic possessions it has are the reason why this ganja is efficacious in dealing with pains. It reduces the pains and aches like PMS, migraines, and arthritis. Additionally, this powerful ganja can also help mitigate the problem with appetite.

Negative Effects You can expect from American Haze / California Haze

In taking this cannabis, it is vital to take note that a few puffs can go a long way. If consumed too much, users may encounter dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Novice users who are not used to taking the right amount of this cannabis will be the victims of these negative feelings. However, all the users of this ganja will encounter dry eyes and mouth, as these feelings are common in all strains out there.

How to Grow American Haze / California Haze?

This hybrid ganja is ideal for those who have some experience in growing a strain. Since it has excessive stems from its branches, it requires a sufficient upward area to develop. During its flowering, growers need to pay attention to the plant of this ganja as well as providing supports because its cola can be hefty. It is best to cultivate it indoors where the containers require a temperature of 21 to 27 degrees Celsius. Planting it directly in the soil or using hydroponics is also applicable in this ganja. It is necessary to apply the SOG method before it begins to flower. After 11 weeks of flowering, this cannabis can give up to 400-grams/ m2 of fresh nuggets.

For outdoor growers, they are lucky enough because this cannabis likes to grow under the heat of the sun. In areas like Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean, a single plant can provide 600 grams of appetizing nuggets. It can also thrive in well in the Northern Hemisphere as long as the growers will place it under the sun. Besides, in this kind of growing environment, growers can crop it in the middle of October.

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