Apocalypto Marijuana Seeds

Apocalypto Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 ounces per square meter (Indoor Yield), 25 ounces or more per plant (Outdoor Yield)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
56-70 Days
Warm and Sunny Climate
Growing Difficulty
51 Inches
Diesel, sour, pungent, earthy

Where To Buy Apocalypto Marijuana Seeds

Apocalypto Marijuana Seeds Information

Apocalypto cannabis strain is a Sativa prevailing hybrid. Apocalypto cannabis strain is a cross between White Sour Diesel and Georgia Pine cannabis strains. It smells sharply fruity and loaded up with citrus notes. Grittiness can likewise be identified. This strain can treat pressure, uneasiness, gloom and craving misfortune. Perfect for daytime use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Apocalypto?

Its sharp notes are conspicuous even in the flavors, conveying an animating note when smoked. Its tropical fruitiness settles on it a reasonable decision for the individuals who essentially need to appreciate a smooth and delightful high that is supplemented by its lingering flavor. Apocalypto cannabis strain’s high will make you as quiet as it will powerful and merry. An extraordinary half breed for sitting idle and plunking down with a decent bite spread. Since it makes a high without the largeness, Apocalypto makes for incredible daytime help, frequently going on for a considerable length of time, for most extreme effectivity.

What are the medical benefits of Apocalypto?

It is utilized for the treatment of stress and melancholy, helps support hunger and has an effective method to treat torment.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Apocalypto

Among probably the most pervasive antagonistic impacts of Apocalypto, are the dry-mouth and impression of dry eyes it gives you.

How to Grow Apocalypto?

It is a strain that develops tall and fragrant in a hot and fairly dry atmosphere with low stickiness. A high-force light is exceptionally prescribed. It is, in any case, fundamental to keep the developing condition clean because of the way that the plant can be inclined to fine build-up.

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