AToA Aka A Taste of Arcata

AToA (Aka: A Taste of Arcata) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19% to 25%
454 grams per square meter
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
10 - 11 weeks
Warm Climate
Growing Difficulty
Minty, musty, pine, lemon, sour, sweet, citrus

Where To Buy AToA (Aka: A Taste of Arcata) Marijuana Seeds

AToA (Aka: A Taste of Arcata) Marijuana Seeds Information

Derived from E-32 Arcata Trainwreck, Pure California treasures hereditary qualities, “A Taste of Arcata”. They have backcrossed to the e-32 cut then incrossed, making the most flawless Trainwreck seed line offered anyplace. Picking just the most alluring of guardians from the underlying backcrossed, we at that point tweaked the characteristics we found generally attractive and further settled the line. Backcrossing to get the alluring e-32 qualities profoundly installed in the hereditary pool in crossing to chip away at getting a more grounded principle stock to hold the monstrous load of those dense colas.

What are the flavors and effects of AToA?

The flavors of AToA are minty, must, pine, and lemon, sour, sweet, and citrus. In time, a shivering sensation answerable for the underlying upliftment ebbs down from between the eyes. It comes in waves and calms each muscle it passes. More than likely, many will wind up relaxing around in their couches. Keeping its extreme body impacts from devastating users is the relentless Sativa buzz.

What are the medical benefits of AToA?

Its psychoactive mixes convey a vibe decent high that in a split second upgrades the state of mind. Be that as it may, the inconspicuous cerebral stimulation gives help to its users, particularly those continually bombarded by stress. Along these lines, it incidentally oversees indications of incessant nervousness, gloom, and other emotional health issues like PTSD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from AToA

Despite the dehydration that typically dries the eyes and the mouth, particularly with cannabinoids meddling in the creation of saliva. Because of their gentleness, most prepared users overlook the indications, yet apprentices may down a couple of glasses of water to remain hydrated.

How to Grow AToA?

Aspiring growers can upgrade their clump’s terpene profile by developing it in soil and reaping it inside its blooming period. Extending it by a week or so will likely remove some flavor; however, it will enable the plant to create more.

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