Benefits of Microdosing Marijuana

benefits microdosing marijuana

You’re probably wondering how cannabis affects you personally, most especially if you’re a first-time user. That’s when microdosing plays a crucial role, helping you determine the best dose of cannabis for your needs and preferences. But, what is cannabis microdosing and what are its benefits?

Microdosing can empower both medical and recreational cannabis users. You don’t have to navigate intense psychoactivities, such as social anxiety and lethargy. As a microdoser, you can normally work or look after your kids. Manufacturers of cannabis edibles describe the effect of microdosing as a mind-free and body functional way of gaining the beneficial effects of cannabis without freaking out.

In this post, you’ll learn more about microdosing cannabis and its benefits. Let’s get started!

What Is Cannabis Microdosing

Microdosing involves taking the lowest amount to create a perceptible effect. It also applies to cannabis consumption, most especially to first-time cannabis users. Microdosing is traced back to mid-2016, wherein it results in a sub-perceptual effect, subtle without heavily influencing mood or mindset. Cannabis microdosing refers to taking small doses of weed or marijuana to achieve the desired effects.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing

1.Maintain and Increase Productivity

Cannabis users who microdose cite feelings of increased focus or mindfulness. Taking small doses of cannabis brings you to a more calm and collaborative disposition with less irritability and a softened outlook. That’s why microdosing is beneficial if you need to work several hours a day, encountering extreme stress and frustration with tight work deadlines and difficult colleagues.

Here are the facts about microdosing in the workplace:

  • Remember that cannabis microdosing is not applicable in all workplaces. For example, your company or state might not permit cannabis use or isn’t cannabis-friendly.
  • Microdosing weed is best to be done at home to get through domestic tasks. For instance, if you’re a mother with kids to take good care or household chores, microdosing is a practical solution to ensure you’ll obtain the desired effects without the worst effects.
  • Microdosing is perfect for socializing in attending parties, night out, or concerts. It keeps you more focused and creative.

2. Helps Medical Cannabis Users Adjust

Microdosing cannabis provides surprising benefits to medical cannabis users or patients. Since patients aim for treatment or cure, microdosing help them find the right dose for them without experiencing the psychedelic effects.

Here are some examples of medical conditions wherein microdosing is highly beneficial:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD
  • Indigestion

3. Microdosing Inspires People and Sparks Creativity

For many recreational users, emotional or mood effects are vital. Microdosing can help you set a good mood and spark your creativity. The setting has a critical influence on all psychedelics. You’ll be fascinated with the urban and rural environments on cannabis.

For overindulgence, you’ll recover after you awake from prolonged sleep. For CBD capsules, these can reduce the anxiety that THC cause, which is also available in safety valves for microdosers. These are perfect for people who inadvertently consumed too much THC. Just make sure to take cannabis edibles on a full stomach. You also need to avoid alcohol and operating heavy machinery.

4. Choose Your Desired Effects

The effects of microdosing will depend on your physical attributes, such as your metabolism and Body Mass Index or BMI and the method of delivery. If you want a longest-lasting effect, edibles are perfect, which can bring a slow “coming on”, usually up to two hours.

The most-smoking peak is about an hour for inhaled cannabis. On the other hand, the peak of ingested cannabis is less pronounced with prolonged effect, about 12 hours, sustained at a constant magnitude because of relatively slow absorption of THC and other cannabinoids from the gastrointestinal tract.

You can choose to be productive and creative by taking cannabis products that are Sativa-dominant, or relaxing and calming with indica-dominant strains. Take into consideration your recent activities to avoid compromising your work, health, and safety.

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How to Responsibly Microdose Cannabis 

1.  Realize that Your Goal Isn’t to Get High

According to experts, if you want to try weed the first time, try cannabis microdosing. Always remember that microdosing isn’t to get high. The aim of microdosing is to consume low cannabis doses which affect minor changes in your physical and psychological disposition. That’s why you should start practicing microdosing at home before you take it to work.

Many cannabis products are specifically designed to get you high, so it’s your responsibility to take the recommended dose. You need to reduce the dose to a state that shifts but won’t leave you feeling faded. It’s a good idea starting with a quarter of the cannabis product recommended dose.

2. Avoid Testing Marijuana Microdosing On Important Events

Marijuana is a powerful plant and your body and psychological response can vary depending on the strain. The responses differ dramatically from one person to another. That’s why if you’ll be attending a formal event or will have a face-to-face interaction, avoid testing cannabis or microdosing.

If you’re planning to be Netflix-and-chilling at home, then there’s no real danger if ever you experience less-than-desirable effects. Never experiment with microdosing weed on the same day that you’re into an important appointment like presenting your sales proposal to your client or to the board of directors. It’s always safer to dabble cannabis at home where the stakes are low. You can find your perfect microdose by being patient without compromising your job.

3. Always Seek A Microdose-Friendly Product

It is a myth that all marijuana products will make you feel high. The two major cannabis compounds usually found in cannabis products we consume include THC and CBD. The non-psychoactive compound is CBD or cannabidiol that most medical cannabis users seek when choosing a strain to treat pain, migraines, insomnia, and other medical signs and symptoms. On the other hand, the compound that causes the psychedelic effects is called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

When microdosing, you have to understand that some marijuana products are low in THC and high in CBD, which induces mild psychoactive effects. Other strains are low in CBD and high in THC, which results in a more pronounced high. These strains should be avoided in microdosing. There are strains with a more balanced THC to CBD ratio or 1:1 cannabis products that cause a slight high.

When it comes to CBD-only products, you have a lot of options to choose from. For example, a high-CBD vaporizer or vape pen will not get you high at all. It should still support a calming and relaxing state of mind and body. Keep in mind that for non-psychoactive products, you can always stick with the label’s recommended dose.

Cannabinoid ratios may vary from various cannabis products. That’s why you have to practice safe microdosing by choosing the right product and cannabinoid ratio for you. Your decision would rely on many factors such as body weight, age, lifestyle, and routine activities. Be a wise cannabis user to get the fullest potential or maximum benefits of cannabis, regardless if you use it for medical or recreational purposes.

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4. Pay Close Attention to the Dose and Consumption Method

Cannabis dosing and consumption play a crucial role in attaining the desirable effects. However, there’s only a little discussion about dose. You probably have eaten a cannabis edible and spent the next three days on the couch or in bed. You probably can still remember the humiliating days you tried to get up and walked out the door without getting noticed by anyone. That’s why experts highly recommend starting with a low cannabis dose and new users should familiarize themselves with the different modes of cannabis ingestion, which includes the following:

  • Vaporizing oils
  • Smoking flower
  • Sublingual or tinctures
  • Eating edibles

When it comes to smoking and vaporizing cannabis, you can feel effects in five minutes, making you feel a shifted mind. You can use a low-dose vape and a Sativa-dominant oil blend which is perfect for daytime use. It won’t make you feel drowsy like other products. If you want a slightly psychoactive effect, you can try a vape pen with a slightly higher THC cannabis oil. When using a vaporizer, try to inhale a quarter or a half lung capacity. Don’t take a full dose for microdosing because doing so you will make you feel high.

For those who prefer cannabis edibles, use products where the CBD content outweighs the THC level. Don’t attempt to increase the dose if you don’t feel anything. Just wait because edibles or sublingual take longer to take effect, causing overall body high. The effects can be felt about an hour.

After an hour or so, you can increase the dose.

5. Microdosing Benefits Are Visible to People Around You

You have to expect that some benefits of cannabis microdosing can be visible to those around you. Your family members, friends, and coworkers might pick up on the new lightness when you have consumed cannabis. Find a way to brush the topic off if you’re not prepared to talk about it.

If ever you choose to talk about it, expect that some people may have antiquated ideas about cannabis. That’s why it’s important to assess yourself and be clear about your own beliefs. Take it as a good opportunity to educate curious onlookers.

6. Acknowledge Responsibility and Accountability

Since there is always a small risk involved when doing microdosing, you have to be responsible and accountable when you’re trying something new. Talk to your doctor about cannabis dosing for the first time. The last thing you want is to experience paranoia because of incorrect microdosing.

Consider whether you need to attend an important event or will drive a car. Check your schedule and avoid microdosing when you’re trying to rush completing a major deadline for work. Test microdosing at home on your day off or vacation. Be a smart cannabis user and utilize microdosing to your greater advantage for better results.

What Is the Recommended Cannabis Microdose

If you’re starting with microdosing, 5 to 10 milligrams is the ideal dose. Women have smaller built so they might only need 2 to 3 milligrams. While the results vary from one person to another, pay attention to the cannabis strain you’re using. Cannabis Indicas are associated with sedative properties, so they can make you sleep if taken in high doses. On the other hand, Sativas provide a more energizing effect, which is perfect for daytime use for a more productive day ahead.

Take the microdosing slowly and steadily. The nature of cannabis is individually dependent on your body type, mood, tolerance, sleep habits, and appetite. Microdosing is a trial-and-error process. Always remember that lower doses deliver one effect, and the opposite effect is experienced when taking high doses.

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The three options you can choose from for microdosing cannabis include combustion, vaporization, and ingestion. For combusted weed, it contains no terpenes or cannabinoids, so the THC strength of a cannabis plant material on 1 gram divided by the THC percentage into 1000, you can obtain the per/mg amount (or 1 gram = 1000 milligram).

Vaporization avoids harmful carcinogens, facilitating a precise microdose. Vaping also saves your material for less waste. Edibles are easier to microdose because manufacturers provide dosage information. However, titration or adjusting the dose gradually is more tricky.


If you’re microdosing, it’s important to be mindful of taking the right dose. You can start from the lowest dose and observe your body responses for about an hour or two. Remember that unlike smoking and vaping cannabis, edibles produces prolonged effects up until 12 hours.

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