Berry White Cannabis Strain

berry white cannabis strain

Berry White is the offspring of popular strains Blueberry and White Widow. And despite its popular parents, Berry White has made its own mark in the cannabis community by having a balanced effect that offer relaxation and at the same time a fantastic sense of euphoria. The reason for these effects is the strain’s hybrid characteristics. Berry White is therefore recommended to reduce stress and anxiety and to improve mood and boost creativity. If you want to grow Berry White then you may do so even if you are new to growing cannabis or this strain in particular because this is very easy to grow. It is during Berry White’s growth you will appreciate the plant’s beauty because as it blooms, the flowers develop a strong blue coloring which are contrasted by orange hairs.

Berry White Strain Effects

This indica strain is praised for its euphoric and uplifting effects. You will feel genuinely happy, vibrant and even tingly. You will also be in the mood to work on projects, to create art and to just finish your chores and office work after taking this strain. It will make you feel focused and relaxed; some even claim to feel clear-headed after taking Berry White. And as the effects of the strain start to wear off, you will soon feel hungry and slightly sleepy.

If you are new to using Berry White, you will be surprised because it’s almost like tasting everything on the menu. You get the relaxed feeling you want in weed plus a slightly euphoric feeling. As these eventually subside, you will feel sleepy and hungry, the perfect way to end your day. And of course there are a number of good medicinal effects of Berry White making it a good natural alternative to most conventional medications for pain, stress, depression and insomnia.

Berry White Strain Medical Effects

Berry White could be an effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions. It is useful for curbing stress so you don’t have to take medications that will only cause more harm than good. It will help lift depression naturally as well so you won’t have to take antidepressants. It is useful for the treatment of all kinds of pain including headaches, migraines, chronic pain and pain due to surgery, accidents and more. If you are unable to sleep or having trouble with your appetite, this hybrid strain will make you feel relaxed especially when taken at night which is a good way to deal with insomnia.

Berry White Strain Negative Effects

Just like most cannabis strains, Berry White can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Dry mouth is a symptom wherein your mouth appears to be very dry; some users even use the term “cotton mouth” to describe the uncomfortable sensation. You can treat dry mouth by drinking water or by chewing gum. Dry eyes are also accompanied by redness and irritation. Both dry eyes and dry mouth are caused by THC and therefore it is not just present in users who consume cannabis through smoking or vaporizing raw dry weed or extracts.

If you are new to consuming Berry White, you will also feel dizzy and will have slight headache. These negative effects will gradually lessen as you use the strain on a regular basis. There are some people who experience paranoia after taking Berry White. This is a very rare effect but nonetheless you must watch out for this unpleasant effect.

Berry White Growing Information

Berry White is a hybrid strain that is easy to grow. Mature plants reach up to a height of 30 to 78 inches with a bountiful yield. This strain flowers in just 7 to 9 weeks and can stretch up to 200 times its growing height.
You can grow Berry White indoors especially when it’s restricted to grow cannabis in your area. However, it’s the outdoors where this strain shines the best. It’s tall and needs to spread its huge fan leaves to savor natural light. Overall, Berry White has a good plant structure and this means you don’t need to prune it a lot.
This hybrid strain loves warmer climates especially at night to allow it to grow and reach its full potential. It is basically resistant to mold so you can grow this in places where there is variable humidity. The ideal temperature for growing Berry White is from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Growing Berry White Cannabis

Because of this strain’s good plant structure, you won’t have to prune it time and again. But if you are growing it indoors, pruning won’t hurt. This will help improve ventilation inside your grow area and will also help distribute indoor lighting equally.

You must train this plant to grow well by removing lower foliage. This is also a good technique to improve yield.
You can grow it directly in garden soil but most growers agree that hydroponic growing will improve production of resin. On the other hand, growing in soil will help improve the strain’s flavor profile.
This strain handles mold well however you must still exercise precaution. Water only when soil is dry and not damp. This way you can keep molds at bay. Another way to prevent mold is to us a fan to dry up soil.

Growing outdoors means free sunlight, water, ventilation and nutrients from soil. Growing outdoors will also help the strain develop a stronger Blueberry flavor and aroma. When growing from pots, begin planning from a final pot. Small pots and growing containers will only cause root lock and stress your plants.
Feed Berry White moderately to keep it happy and healthy. Overfeeding will only cause nutrient flooding in the roots and can do more damage than bad. Use organic and appropriate plant food according to the phase of development of your plant.

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