Best Budget Friendly Cannabis Growing Guide

budget grow guide

Many cannabis enthusiasts tend to believe that growing marijuana is a time, effort, and money consuming endeavor. And while becoming a master cannabis grower surely requires a healthy dose of patience, consistency, and dedication, the truth is, growing weed has become easier than ever before!

In this article, we will give you a taste of one of the best budget friendly cannabis growing examples involving a total of 3 autoflowering marijuana plants and a $300 grow space to setup in order to harvest 8+ ounces of bud.

What is the Easiest Way to Grow Cannabis?

The short answer to this question is: forget about shortcuts. Cannabis cultivation is a highly intimate experience. Sorry if this was a bitter truth to swallow but growing cannabis is not like solving a math problem. Cannabis cultivation is equal parts science, art, intuition and the never ending desire to keep learning and expanding your skills.

For some, the easiest way to grow cannabis might sum down to a tiny grow space operation. For others, the easiest way to grow cannabis might be an outdoor marijuana garden where living nature can do a great deal of hard work. Yet for others, the easiest way to cultivate cannabis might be hydroponics or a greenhouse cannabis operation.

With this in mind, even though we did manage to harvest over 8 ounces (226 grams) of cannabis flowers by making use of the exact equipment, cannabis strains, and growing methods that we are about to share below, it is crucial to remember that cannabis cultivation is a subjective experience.

No two marijuana harvests are exactly alike, and so depending on the hard work you put (or not) into the process, you can get variable results.

Nonetheless, a tiny bit of luck won’t hurt, and is, in fact, more than welcome, because sometimes, even when you do your best to provide your green ladies with the right conditions and care they require to flourish, there might be little expected issues on your way, such as pests infestations, dealing with poor quality seeds that will fail to give birth to hearty, healthy, and happy cannabis plants, and/or accidental mistakes such as mechanical damage, to name a few.

Now, let us share an invaluable secret with you, bud buddies: successful cannabis grow operation requires you to keep a positive mindset about your journey into learning to “speak” the language of your marijuana plants.

Most importantly, always remember that cannabis plants, like all living creatures, will put in their best work to grow and flourish because they are genetically predisposed to do so (this is simply how Mother Nature works!).

You might be surprised to find out that mother plants can teach their seeds when to grow based on passing on accumulated memories on the changing seasons, as revealed in a study led by Steven Penfield of the John Innes Centre located in Norwich. This is only a tiny example of the extraordinary intelligence, resilience, and will to survive and flourish that plants, including but not limited to cannabis plants, possess!

We must not forget that cannabis cultivation is actually at its very rise nowadays for the first time in over a century of marijuana illegalization, so the knowledge we have about marijuana plants is also expanding literally day by day. For instance, did you know that scientists have found out it was viruses to gift cannabis the ability to produce cannabinoids, including but not limited to THC and CBD, back to millions of years ago?

Ultimately, just like we briefly mentioned above, we are truly lucky to live in an era when cannabis growing keeps becoming easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable than ever.

Just think of all the fantastic cannabis strains you can choose to grow from seeds with or without leaving the house depending solely on whether you prefer to purchase marijuana seeds online or obtain a batch of cannaseeds from a breeder you know (or from a reputable store, of course).

Moreover, when growing cannabis, you have the incredible chance to experience the wisdom and power of Mother Nature in ways that you could barely even imagine. Yes, even if you grow cannabis indoors, you are still dealing with the secrets encoded in the seeds from her Majesty Planet Earth (and a bit of friendly assistance from gifted cannabis breeders!).

And so, without any more sweet talk, we think it’s high time to jump straight to the practical side of this article, shall we? (*impatiently-waiting-to-get-down-to-the-juicy-$300-cannabis-autoflowers-grow-details-smiley-hazy face*).

$300 Cannabis Autoflowers Setup

1. Grow Tent.

Tent size:32″x32″x63″

Average Price:
$50 – $70

Quick Thrifty Tip
: You can skip on spending $70 for a grow tent if you are willing to get crafty and re-purpose an old fridge or closet into convenient cannabis grow space.

2. Grow lights

Type of grow lights: Full-spectrum 600W LEDs

Average Price:
$120 – $140

Why LEDs
: LEDs provide the full color spectrum your green ladies require to flourish and reward you with high yields. Also, LEDs emit little heat and are, hence, very easy to manage without altering humidity and temperature rates. Finally, LEDs make the best long-term investment because you will spend less on electricity bills. Oh, and they are effortless to install, so what more could we possibly wish for?

Quick Bonus Tip
: Position LEDs at 32’’ away from your cannabis plants during vegetation vs. 24’’ during flowering.

3. Pots

Type: 5-gallon fabric pots (25 cm x 30 cm)

Price: $8 – $12

Why fabric pots: Fabric pots are easily moveable yet, more importantly, they allow for oxygen to penetrate to the root system of your green ladies, thus, boosting yields with about 10% – 15% on an average.

When it comes to growing autoflowering marijuana, you don’t need pots of different size for several transplants from vegetation to flowering since autos dislike being transplanted as this can stunt their growth because of their rapid development and quick transition from veg to flowering.

4. Exhaust kit

Type: 4 inch 203 CFM + speed controller and 4’’ carbon filter

Price: $85 – $94

Quick Thrifty Tip: If you can afford to grow cannabis in a spare room, you can go without installing an additional exhaust system, as long as you can keep the window open to let fresh air penetrate. As far as the distinct marijuana smell is concerned, you can either go for a strain that is now as low-odor or you can use odor neutralizers in the absence of a carbon filter.

Anyway, as a rule of thumb, do keep in mind that proper air flow will give rise to healthy and happy marijuana plants that will yield more in return, so choose wisely. In the case the exhaust kit falls out of your grow equipment list for whatever reason, do consider taking advantage of the fans we are about to list below.

5. Fans

Type: 6’’ clip fan with 2 quiet speeds + 10” portable desktop fan

Price: $10 – $15 for the 6’’ clip on fan + $15 – $25 for the 10’’ fan

Quick Bonus Tip: Do make sure to opt for a battery fan since doing so will make your cannabis grow operation better manageable with less effort.

6. PH Pen

Type: TDS and PH meter combo
Price: $13 – $16

Quick Bonus Tip: Do not underestimate the usefulness of a TDS meter. Although you can be good to go without a TDS meter in the case you are not a hydroponic cannabis grower, this particular device can greatly boost the quality and quantity of your yields when used properly.

As far as balancing pH levels is concerned, there are fantastic pH control kits available for as little as $15 on an average, although as you get to become more experienced with cannabis growing, you will find out that there are many different homemade organic solutions that can be used for managing pH levels.

For the record, if you opt for high quality, rich, fertile soil with a balanced pH level from the very start, you peacefully go without the need to measure or balance pH rates from seed to harvest!

7. Temperature and Humidity Control Device

Type: Indoor hygrometer and thermometer (humidity gauge included)

Price: $8 – $13

Quick Bonus Tip: Please, bud buddies, don’t panic about balancing temperature and humidity rates precisely as doing so might feel very challenging, especially for beginners. However, marijuana plants can grow perfectly fine even when introduced to slight fluctuations from the optimal temperature-humidity rates.

Of course, keeping the temperature and humidity within the desired levels will grant you better yields and fortunately, there are some super awesome and affordable devices you can use on that note, even though opting for such will require getting out of the $300 budget. In the case you don’t mind investing a bit more cash, we highly encourage you to give the additional devices listed below a try.

*dehumidifier/ humidifier

A 4-liter humidifier will work perfectly well for this type of marijuana grow setup, and you can get one for about $40. A 16-ounce water tank dehumidifier is the best choice for this type of cannabis grow operation, and it will cost you about $40 – $50.


If you are about to grow cannabis with a mind to harvesting perpetually, you may also need a reliable heater for the cold winter months. An 8.5 Liter x 7.25 W heater can work like charm for this type of grow space, and you can get one for about $40 – $50.

Now, can you sense that something crucially important is lacking from our list?

Even when equipped with all the devices and tools listed above, your cannabis grow mission will fail to provide the results you crave for if you don’t have high-quality marijuana seeds to start with!

Marijuana Seeds

Type: White Widow Autoflower

Price: $65 – $120 depending on the number of seeds per pack

Quick Bonus Tip: We decided to give White Widow autoflowers a try because we simply adore the beautifully balanced Sativa to Indica traits of this particular cannabis variety.

Also, White Widow is known as one of the easiest strains to grow, and it is also praised for offering high yields upon harvesting. Being an autoflower, it is finished flowering within as little as 8 weeks which means that the total time you’ll need to spend taking care of your White Widow autoflowers from seed to harvest is only about 3 months!

Plus, White Widow strain got its name for the sparkling, heavily-trichomes coated buds that appear white in color due to the dripping resin. Because of this, White Widow makes a wonderful choice not only for consuming marijuana by rolling the cannabis flowers in a joint or blunt but also for the preparation of high-quality cannabis-based derivatives such as edibles, oils, and tinctures, to name a few.

However, you can feel 100% free to go for whatever type of autoflowering cannabis variety suits your personal needs and preferences best.

For instance, you can give the all-time favorite OG Kush autoflowers a try. Juicy fruit autoflowers can make a wonderful choice for the lovers of deliciously exotic, Indica dominant strains while the epic Blue Diesel autoflower can be the best strain for the aficionados of an all-around daytime-nighttime suitable to use cannabis varieties.

Budget Friendly Cannabis Grow: Extra Tips for Easy Growing

1. Stick with growing a single strain.

Instead of growing several cannabis varieties, we highly encourage you to stick with a single strain to grow in this particular setup. As you get to gain more experience, it can be an excellent idea to grow several different strains simultaneously but skip the rush.

Different strains will vary in height and stretch, therefore, possibly challenging you to position the grow lights accordingly, which can be quite tricky at times.

2. Training wire is your best friend.

Training wire is an incredibly versatile and useful tool to keep handy.

While autoflowers can be tricky to train because of their extra quick transition from vegetation to flowering, the Screen of Green (SCROG) method can massively boost yields without stressing your plants and stunting their growth since SCROG is a low-stress training method.

Certainly, you may purchase a readily-available screen but making one with the use of training wire is fun, and, nonetheless, cost-effective.

3. Go gentle on nutrients

One of the many benefits of growing cannabis autoflowering varieties is that they are known to require very little extra nutrients which means spending less on pricey nutrient solutions.

However, we do encourage you to consider the gains from growing cannabis 100% organically. This is the best move to enjoy better and better harvests after each growth cycle as the soil is bound to only become more fertile in the long run when organic growing practices are applied. Shortly put, organic growing is not only good for your wallet but it is also the most health-friendly, as well as the most environmental-friendly choice.

As Debby Boone beautifully shared, nothing in this world ever grows without a seed, because “dreams are the seeds of change.” What’s more, Boone further highlighted that “nothing ever changes without a dream.”

Keep dreaming big, for no matter how tiny seed is, a dream has no limits in the scope it can reach. Growing cannabis is a bliss, it is a passion, and it is one of the best ways to develop incredible virtues that can help you swim more confidently through the Ocean of Life.

Puff, puff, and pass, bud buddies: grow cannabis and celebrate life because every moment is precious, and every moment is worth embracing with an open heart and an open mind.

We truly hope that this budget-friendly cannabis growing guide consisting of 3autoflowering marijuana plants, a $300 grow space setup and 8+ ounces of bud per harvest has been useful, informational, educational, and nonetheless, inspirational for you! We wholeheartedly wish you a happy cannajourney.

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