Best Recreational Cannabis Strains

best recreational marijuana strains

For experienced marijuana consumers who used marijuana for recreation, know that marijuana strains that have a high THC content have high potency. It makes or breaks the cannabis plant. This is one of the reasons why new cannabis strains are being developed, in order to meet the demand for marijuana plants that have high levels of THC.

Nowadays, the most powerful strain could have THC as high as 35% which is very high. Marijuana breeders are not convinced that a marijuana strain can produce such THC level or higher than that. Let’s find out the best recreational marijuana strains.

Wonder Woman Strain

It has about 25% to 29% of THC level which is very high. With this concentration of THC, this plant will definitely punch your head very hard and will get your body buzzed. This is a specifically amazing plant that has deep green leaves with red hairs, and some bright white buds.

Aurora Indica

The Aurora Indica is a cross between the Afghan and the Northern Lights which is packed with THC and CBD, so you can get the potency that you wanted to experience. This marijuana plant has thick and light purple crystals with deep purple buds. It can knock you down with its fruity flavor. The sweet smell and taste will serve your medicinal needs too. It is recommended for beginners because it is easy and simple to grow. It can be cultivated indoors at home.

Blueberry Widow Strain

It has a brilliant color of cobalt blue that will give you one of the most well-known strains year after year. The blueberry aroma is something like an of the wood as well and it could bring you back to your childhood days of berry picking. This marijuana plant is a very good stress reliever and could lock you in your couch or bed due to its high efficiency. It will definitely result in a euphoric effect. This is a fast-growing type of marijuana, producing high numbers of yields especially if they are grown in an indoor grow site.

Purple Kush Cannabis

The Purple Kush is already leading on the top 10 lists of best recreational cannabis scene for the longest time. This plant has about 75% Indica. It has about 27.5% of THC level that has a smooth grape flavor. This medical marijuana plant is highly recommended to people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression, or spasms. The Purple Kush will definitely relieve the medical signs and symptoms many people are long enduring, and at the same time will leave a user buzzed and in a euphoric state.

Sensi Star

Sensi Plant is another beautiful marijuana plant. It grows with light purple crystal, and it has red hairs. This plant is 90% Indica. Sensi Star has a 20% THC concentration level. It will leave a user in a deeply relaxed state leading to a unique euphoric experience. This marijuana plant has a citrusy taste and earthy smell that can soothe and relieve stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, appetite loss, insomnia, and pain, and at the same time sharpens mind focus and stimulates creativity.

Jock Horror

Jock Horror is a green Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that has about 24% of THC content, giving you a long-lasting high, with just 1% CBD. This plant could impact your cerebral completely. It is used in the treatment of chronic stress, migraine, depression, depression, and chronic back pain.

Sour Girl

Sour Girl is the result of a cross between Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies which is organically grown and developed by Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics. This plant is included in a list which is considered one of the “Strongest Strains on Earth.”

Motorbreath #15

Motorbreath #15 is a hybrid mixture of Chem D with SFV OG. The Motorbreath #15 marijuana is a stout and plump plant that has an award-winning structure from head to body high. The THC content is about 28.20% and CBD level of 0.15% that can provide sort of relief in many physical as well as emotional troubles or conditions.

Ice Wreck Strain

Ice Wreck has 27% level or concentration of THC. Ice Wreck is a combination of the genetics of Ice and Train Wreck. This plant is a balanced hybrid marijuana. Ice Wreck is considered one of the strongest and most potent strains in the market right now. This will give you a quick cerebral spin with a slow three acting and full-body relaxation.

I-95 Cannabis Strain

I-95 marijuana plant may smell like of a skunk and those of gasoline. With its super pungent smell and potency came from a crossbreeding Star Dawg and Triangle Kush and Legend OG. This marijuana strain has lemony sweet flavor with a strong aroma. The I-95 strain could leave consumers happy and in a euphoric state and the same time you will feel sleepy and relaxed.

These are the strains that landed the top 10 spot for recreational marijuana use but the list goes on.
These are the places where you can get good quality recreational marijuana.

  1. Alaska. Cannabis is available at certain ports.
  2. Oregon is used to cultivate cannabis in the Cascade Mountains.
  3. Washington has a perfect ecosystem to grow marijuana.
  4. California is a good source of exotic and hard to find cannabis strains. California cannabis is known to be some of the best globally.
  5. Michigan has been cultivating marijuana even before the legalization of medical marijuana.
  6. Colorado. A great place to get the best cannabis in the world aside from Amsterdam.
  7. British Columbia Canada. While its not yet legal (at the time of this post) for decades in BC people have been able to buy cannabis from numerous dispensaries. Cannabis Culture has numerous dispensaries in located Vancouver.

Bear in mind that potency and strong effect do not equate to high or good quality. Time and again before indulging yourself into different marijuana you must do your research and study. Choose a strain that is suitable strain for your desired effects. Also knowing your body tolerance on the different effects can prepare you mentally and physically, and you’ll know when is the best time to consume them so taking recreational cannabis will not to affect your daily routine.

As time goes by, the need for marijuana is getting bigger and users are even expecting more than the last strain developed when it comes to the effect and potency, so the need to find stronger strains is inevitable and our generation has not yet reached the climax of creating the ultimate strain. We can truly say that the need for cannabis will never stop.

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