Better Growing Steps of Marijuana Cultivation

better marijuana cultivation

Ganja, weed, pot, marijuana, dagga, the green medication, the herb: there are so many different words to refer to cannabis just like there are so many different ways to boost yields when growing your very own green ladies.

Since you are reading these lines, we can bet that you are about to join the global community of cannabis enthusiasts united by the art of growing marijuana. But we also know painfully well that cultivating cannabis tends to feel quite perplexing at the beginning.

We have compiled 5 simple steps of cannabis cultivation that will help you become a better grower before you even know it with a mind to all our fellow cannabisseurs out there who are eager to dive deep into the profound joy of taking care of their cannabis garden in the best way possible.

As cannabis connoisseurs and medical marijuana users, we are extremely lucky to live in times when marijuana legalization is gradually becoming the norm.

The snowball effect of cannabis legalization in the US seems unstoppable and it is only a matter of time before both medical, as well as recreational cannabis will be 100% legal all across the US. But even more importantly, the world is catching up with the cannabis fever, and so marijuana legalization keeps spreading all over the globe. And if that doesn’t deserve a toast, oops, we mean, a big, fat joint rolled with your very own homegrown stack of the pot!

The Secret of Marijuana Cultivation: Sharing the Number One Rule for Growing Cannabis

So far, you most probably know that cannabis plants can grow indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses. Cannabis can be cultivated in soil or hydroponics. Best of all, marijuana plants can grow in a very wide range of climates.

Considering the hardiness of the Cannabaceae family, there is always a way to grow cannabis, regardless of what climate zone you happen to live in and regardless of whether or not you have any previous experience as a marijuana grower.

In fact, you don’t even need to have any green thumb-related prior experience because despite being extremely useful, it is not your previous experience with growing just about any plant that matters the most when it comes to the success of your cannabis cultivation journey.

Instead, what matters the most is your eagerness to become better as time goes by, as well as your ability to embrace your cannabis growing journey as a continual learning process.

The number one rule of cannabis growing is understanding that marijuana plants are your friends.

Well, marijuana plants are the quietest friends you will ever meet in your life but that doesn’t mean they cannot communicate with you (and vice versa). Speaking of cannabis plants as the quietest companions, did you know that the quietest place on Earth is located in Minnesota? The anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories is a room so ultimately dominated by a silence that the noise is measured in negative decibels instead of positive! The longest period anyone has ever spent in this chamber is 45 minutes.

Growing Cannabis is a Continual Learning Process

We shared the example of the quietest place on Earth because we wanted to help you embrace the importance of keeping an open mind when delving into the process of growing cannabis.

Growing cannabis is a journey where there is a whole lot of trial-and-error along the way.

Because of this, it is not about trying to jump straight to the professional cannabis growers level all of a sudden but it is about being able to comprehend the uniqueness of your marijuana grow mission.

Take this beautiful journey one step at a time, don’t stop learning and expanding your skills and knowledge: that’s how you really become a better grower in no time (or, to be more concise, the time needed to become a better grower is solely based on your personal pace).Just like studying any other discipline, you first need to go through the basics.

And since growing cannabis is both science and art, it is best to stay humble and go with small, consistent steps in order to learn how to truly “speak” the language of your green ladies. The idea that plants can speak seemed very abstract some years ago but nowadays experts are rapidly becoming more and more aware of the intricate, complex ways in which plants are actually capable of communicating, thinking, and feeling, as explicitly explained in The Language of Plants.

Interestingly, back in 2014, a revolutionary project was started in Florence when researchers teamed up on a quest to decoding the language of flora based on the magnetic fields through which important signals are being transmuted.

How to Communicate with Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis plants are not very talkative in the traditional sense but they are very communicative creatures. They will always give you signals when things are going great, or, respectively, not that great. But you will not be able to tune into their vibe if you do not develop the virtue of patience.

Yes, patience is a virtue, and the Japanese prove the significance of nurturing this incredibly important virtue as a means to live in peace and harmony better than any other nation.

Weed plants are not some form of extraterrestrial creatures that need sci-fi know-how in order to flourish. Weed plants are living creatures, and as such, they simply need your love and care.

Weed plants are not selfish because they will always respond to your devotion by rewarding you with the best gift ever: those multiple, yummy, healing cannabis flowers that you are free to enjoy in whatever way you wish to.

There is no better way to expand your cannabis growing skills than trying to listen to your cannabis plants and to communicate with them by decoding the clear signs they are sending to you.

For instance, if you take care of a dog, your furry pal will bark when he/she needs you to pay attention to something. Since your cannabis plants can’t meow, howl or bark, they will signalize you what’s going on by opening up and spreading their lush green leaves when happy or they will start growing more slowly or exhibit signs of nutrient deficiency or excess issues on their very leaves.

But just like you cannot learn how to speak a particular language within a week or even a month, so does learning how to communicate with your green ladies take some time. Once you open up your mind to that perspective, you can be 100% sure that it is only a matter of time for you to become a better cannabis grower, and in fact, to keep becoming a better person because this is also one of the invaluable lessons your cannabeaties can teach you.

Now, we think it is high time to jump to the top 5 simple steps of cannabis cultivation that we have compiled with tons of positive vibes for all our bud buddies out there.

Top 5 Simple Steps for Growing Cannabis Plants

1. Choose your marijuana seeds wisely

One can grow weed from just about any random marijuana seeds left behind after smoking a good bud.

However, if you really want to become a better cannabis grower and enjoy superior rewards upon harvesting, it all starts with choosing the marijuana seeds you are about to plant wisely.

You see, no matter its small size, you should look upon a cannabis seed as the miracle of Life in a miniature. It is a single cannabis seed that carries the immense potential of not only getting you high more than a hundred times but also healing you through the amazing benefits of the active cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes present in cannabis plants.

Most importantly, a cannabis seed carries the unique genetic material that sets the ceiling when it comes to a marijuana plant’s general well-being, resilience towards various pests and disease, flowering time, aroma and flavor profile, THC potency, CBD levels intact, average yields you can get upon harvesting, and more.

Therefore, if you underestimate the importance of choosing your marijuana seeds wisely, the quality of your grow equipment becomes quite irrelevant; no grow lights out there can help you get better yields in the case the cannabis seed you have planted does not carry quality genetics that will allow it to reveal and live up to its fullest potential.

In a nutshell, nothing can outperform poor genetics, and this rule is 100% applicable when it comes to marijuana seeds.

In the world of humans, genetics are known to play a key role in reaching particular limits of our development, however, it is crucial to keep in mind that we do need to work hard in order to make it to particular phases in the upgrading of our skills and talents, and this is exactly the case with growing cannabis plants from seeds, too. In an intriguing article exploring why Kenyans make such great runners from the broad perspective of examining both genes and culture-related factors, experts conclude that the factors which determine our potential are not one fold.

With this in mind, it is not just about picking quality marijuana seeds but it is also about picking the right strains to grow based on factors that are unique for each grower.

For instance, if you want to enjoy massive yields but you skip on doing your proper research on each strain specifics, then you are highly likely to end up disappointed. You need to do your homework and prioritize the factors that matter the most to you before you get down to selecting the most suitable strains to grow.

To illustrate this better, if you are eager to grow Bruce Banner and get massive yields but your grow space is limited, then you’d better go with a strain that doesn’t grow as tall and stretchy as Bruce Banner, such as, for example, Blue Diesel autoflower.

If high CBD content is what matters to you, then you need to go for strains such as Super Silver Haze CBD or Cali Kush CBD, among others.

If the ease of growing your cannabis plants is of utmost importance, then all- time favorite strains such as Northern Lights or Purple Kush autoflower might be just what you need.

2. Master the cannabis growing basics

Nobody gets born with some form of automated, built-in cannabis growing skills, right?

When making your way into the mesmerizing world of cannabis, things can get very confusing and even overwhelming at some point. However, this only happens if you try to learn everything you need to know in the blink of an eye.

You need to start with mastering the cannabis growing basics and only take one bite at a time. Like, why do you need to care for advanced breeding techniques if you are just about to begin your 3rd cannabis grow mission?

The cannabis fundamentals you want to focus on are neatly listed below.

#1 –Water
Feed your cannabis plants with pH-balanced water and you will save yourself tons of trouble. pH meters are effortless to obtain and they are also quite affordable.

Knowing how to water your cannabis plants depends on many factors, so there is no fit-them-all magical formula that works wonders for all growers when it comes to establishing a well-working watering schedule. Just water your plants whenever the upper layer of the soil feels slightly dry to the touch and don’t leave excess water to hang in the plants’ trays for too long as deadly bacteria can develop. Then again, it is about listening to your plants, and in particular, decoding the signals they are sending to you.

#2 – Air

If aspirated gases build up in an enclosed indoor grow room, cannabis plants will start growing very slowly and this will affect their overall health, as well as the quantity and quality of yields you get upon harvesting. That’s why making sure the fresh air flows through the grow room is of utmost importance.

For outdoor growers, it is Mother Nature who does a brilliant job is supplying a fresh flow of air.

Just keep in mind that stagnant air greatly encourages the chances of nasty pests and/or mold to affect your cannabeauties adversely, so act accordingly and you will be one step closer to becoming marijuana grow guru. If the distinct marijuana smell is an issue to you, go for carbon filters and you will stay away from any troubles.

Then again, your marijuana seeds’ selection is crucial because some strains are much less prone to mold-related issues than others. In general, Indica cannabis varieties such as Blueberry, Cream Caramel, and Super OG Kush, among others, are heartier than Sativas in terms of mold resistance.

#3 – Light

There is a golden rule about light and cannabis plants, and it pretty much sums up like this: the more light = the more buds; better light = better buds.

However, that is not to say that you cannot go for a cheap CFL set-up and enjoy fairly decent yields, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel like investing a lot of money in a cut-edge, top-quality lighting system such as a LED lighting system.

Remember, growing cannabis is a continual learning process. Are we starting to repeat ourselves?! Yeah, it might be repetitive but it is a rule that is 100% true and 100% applicable for any cannabis grower out there.

If you are an outdoor grower then the Sun will provide the full light spectrum for your green ladies to thrive.

If you are an indoor grower, then don’t fret that much about the grow lights you choose because, after all, you are able to upgrade your cannabis grow lighting system at any point of your cannajourney.

Ultimately, it is your choice of cannabis strains that plays a key role in making the most of the grow lights or, respectively, the natural sunlight.

To illustrate this better, if the grow lights you plan to use are not that powerful as wish or if you are about to grow cannabis outdoors and the climate in your region tends to offer fewer sunny hours than other regions, then you’d better stay away from growing Sativa strains as they require plenty of light to reach their fullest potential. Yet Indica dominant varieties and especially autoflower Indica strains like Northern Berry and Purple Kush can offer fantastic yields even when introduced to less powerful grow lights or fewer hours of sufficient access to sunlight, as compared with Sativas.

#4 – Growing medium

You can grow cannabis in soil or you can also grow cannabis opting for hydroponic set-ups. Nonetheless, you can also grow cannabis in the absence of any medium if you choose to go for aeroponics, deep water culture or purely hydroponic systems.

What matters when choosing the most suitable growing medium (or growing your cannabis plants in the absence of soil) is to stick with the methods that truly resonate with your personal experience, goals, as well as your availability to make the needed adjustments to the growing medium.

As a rule of thumb, if you prefer to grow cannabis in soil, the better the quality of the soil, the better the outcomes for you as a grower. In fact, if you choose rich, fertile soil with a balanced pH you may even grow cannabis without having to add any extra fertilizers.

One of the major benefits of cultivating weed hydroponically is that you get to control the growth process much more precisely than with soil.

Mind that some cannabis strains can provide better yields when exposed to hydroponic growing methods than others. Many of the hybrid strains such as White Widow and Bubblegum are known as heavy feeders which means that they will be able to provide you with maximized yields if you feed them a heavy yet well-balanced dose of extra nutrients which is easy to achieve with hydroponics.

#5 – Nutrients

Like all living creatures on the planet cannabis plants require nutrients in order to grow and develop, and most importantly, to nurture those juicy, succulent buds every grower is waiting for.

As briefly mentioned above, if you choose to use high-quality soil which is rich in beneficial living microorganisms, compost, and a balanced blend of minerals and vitamins, then you can go with or without feeding your cannabeauties any extra nutrients.

There are tons of easy and cheap DIY organic fertilizers to boost your cannabis yields, such as urine, molasses, banana peels, compost tea, and bat guano, to name a few.

Above all, you need to stick with either organic or non-organic fertilizers. Mixing organic and non-organic nutrient solutions will be a waste of time as the non-organic elements will block the beneficial action of the organic elements.

Also, it is best to stick with using the same brand of nutrients throughout the entire life cycle of your cannabis plants, or in other words, from the start to the finish of cannabis grow the mission. Doing so will help you understand exactly how the nutrients work on your plants and you won’t end up totally confused because of using different fertilizers and not being able to understand their effect on your green ladies.

In the case you go for hydroponics, then you will personally supply the entire mix of nutrients your pot plants require through readily-available nutrient blends.

#6 –Humidity

Many beginner marijuana growers tend to fret way too much over balancing humidity levels.

Indeed, humidity rates in your grow room are a crucial factor when it comes to yielding more, however, it is not about fanatically trying to follow the perfect humidity rates’ numbers but it is about avoiding abrupt and/or unfavorable changes or spikes in humidity as much as possible.

A hygro-thermometer clock will help you always keep humidity levels under eye while simple devices such as a humidifier and a dehumidifier will assist you in easily lowering or raising humidity when needed.

Best of all, if you know fair well that balancing humidity levels might be an issue for you, go for strains that are known to possess higher resilience to mold-related threats which are often triggered by high humidity. Typically, autoflowers make a great choice on that note as they are equipped with the sturdy genetics of Cannabis Ruderalis.

#7 – Temperature

Interestingly, as far as the ideal temperatures for your green ladies to flourish are concerned, cannabis plants and humans share much in common.

If you are exposed to prolonged hours of heat (anything more than 30 degrees Celsius/ 86 Fahrenheit), you most probably won’t feel yourself at the peak of your energy, cheerfulness and high spirits, right?

Alternatively, if you are exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit), you won’t be feeling very comfortable either (unless you are dressed with suitable clothes, however, your cannabis plants don’t really have any options on that particular note).

The thing is, marijuana plants are sturdier than you and me, and they can grow, survive, and thrive even when exposed to higher or lower temperatures than the optimal rates. But extremes in temperature rates can often mean bad, bad news for you as a cannabis grower since your plants can fall victims of temperature stress, and therefore, become less vigorous, grow slowly, recover slowly, and/or become more prone to various pests and diseases.

Indoor cannabis growers can control temperatures inside the grow room easily and precisely, so there’s no need to fuss.

However, paying attention to the way your green ladies react to their growing environment remains a must because some strains, such as, for instance, the 80% Sativa-dominant gemstone Acapulco Gold, can prove to show better results when introduced to (slightly) higher temperatures than the 85% Indica-dominant Sweet Tooth strain.

Outdoor growers should not feel that they are left at the mercy of the climate, not at all!

There are tons of crafty ways to keep control over weather patterns affecting your cannabis garden adversely such as planting your green ladies in pots so that you can move them inside if the circumstances call for action on that note. You can use stakes and/or trellises to prevent harsh wind for breaking branches, although, it is amazing to find out that cannabis plants are so intelligent and adaptable creatures that they will do everything possible to make the ravages of wind work in their favor by becoming stronger and developing quite “muscular” stems.

Ultimately, it is your careful planning that can help you avoid temperature-related issues. Outdoor growers need to pick the best time to plant their marijuana seeds depending on the climate in their area of residence. If the summer season is short autoflowers that finish flowering fast such as Northern Berry autoflower can be a wonderful choice.

If you are lucky to live in a region where the summer season is long and generous in sunny hours then you can afford to enjoy growing a Sativa-dominant strain such as the delicious Strawberry Cough, and why not think clever and act smart by opting for Strawberry Cough autoflowers since doing so can allow you to grow two crops within roughly the same period of time that you would typically need to finish a single grow cycle of regular Strawberry Cough green ladies.

As you can see for yourself, there are many variables related to growing cannabis and controlling temperatures so you can make these work in your best favor.

3. Do your research, take your time, and skip the rush

No matter how many times we reiterate the same crucial factor of cannabis cultivation, it will never be too much. And what we want to highlight once again is the importance of doing your proper research. Take the time and skip the rush, bud buddies: this is the simplest and most effective way to become a better cannabis grower.

For instance, if you are keen on growing Chocolope marijuana strain, don’t just jump into taking the decision that this is the best strain to grow because of emotional reasons. Like, this strain is capable of making you want to have it in your cannabis garden at the very mention of its exotic, delicious name, and in fact, this is a beautiful strain that has a lot to offer.

However, Chocolope is a very potent strain and this might not suit all cannabis users equally well. Also, being true to its 80% Sativa genetics, growing Chocolope in a tiny space might greatly decrease the expected yields, unless you are really experienced in knowing how to apply training techniques the best way.

The secret of successful cannabis growers is that they never let themselves believe they already know everything about growing marijuana, and they are not afraid to get their hands a bit dirty in doing some proper research.

One year you can become an OG Kush cannabis grow pro master then another year you can polish your skills and expand your know-how in growing Bruce Banner like a real canna-ninja guru.

For several growing seasons you might be into de tangling the secrets of organic marijuana growing in soil than for a certain period of time you may want to try out the benefits of hydroponics.

The journey of building a solid relationship and understanding of cannabis plants has no end and it is exactly because of this why growing cannabis is such an exciting, rewarding experience as it allows you to grow just like your plants do, although in a metaphorical sense.

We all want to lay hands on them sugar-coated cannabis flowers as soon as possible but hey, what’s the need to rush? It is not like hurrying up to prep a meal because you are starving; you are growing plants and plants need their time, so why don’t you learn from their wise behavior?

4. Monitor your cannabis plants daily

The more time you can spend paying attention to your green ladies, the better. Of course, that doesn’t mean quitting your job just for the sake of spending 8+ hours in your cannabis garden (although, if you have the chance to do so, then why not, especially since the marijuana industry is growing so rapidly and so many new job opportunities in the niche are opening up?!)

The thing is, as little as 10 minutes a day dedicated to careful monitoring of your cannabis beauties can be just enough to ensure that you will keep upgrading your skills, as well as understanding of cannabis as time goes by.

Pay close attention to the leaves, stems, and growing medium. Do you notice any abnormal signs that might indicate possible issues to tackle? Or maybe you notice quite the opposite: your cannabis plants are growing healthy and happy? In either of these cases, the efforts and time spent in monitoring your marijuana plants are what will help you upgrade your know-how in cannabis cultivation. Plus, when spotted on time, any issues you might face can be very easy to handle without ending up with decreased yields.

Our best piece of friendly advice is to keep a growing journal.

Just write down a few lines per day mentioning how your ladies are doing or how they are reacting to their feeding/watering schedule, or a whole page of your impressions as a grower: how much or how little information you will include in your grow diary is a strictly individual matter of choice. Yet the insights cannabis grow journal can reveal to you are simply invaluable.

Interestingly, a grow journal only becomes more valuable after each cannabis grows operation, so it is definitely worth the try considering the benefits you can reap in the long run.

Who knows, maybe one day you will be one of the big investors in the cannabis industry attending weed parties alongside celebrities and master growers you used to learn from, and it might be the case that your grow journal will turn out to have played a huge role in helping you become a better cannabis grower.

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5. Never stop learning and upgrading your skills

The cannabis plant is a whole Universe full of ancient mysteries that are patiently waiting to be revealed. So, if you think that at some point you become a great cannabis grower, and that marks the end of your journey into the enchanting galaxy of all things cannabis-related, well, we are sorry to disappoint you but this is not how things really work out.

There is no limit in upgrading your skills as a cannabis grower. This reminds us of the visionary, mind-bending example of Sister Kate, the founder of the Sisters of the Valley, and the head of the weed nuns’ sisterhood. Sister Kate started her cannabis grow journey with as few as 12 cannabis plants yet several years later, Sister Kate is managing one of the leading cannabis companies raking over $ 1,000,000 annually and bound to become a multi-million dollar business in the following decades.

The thing is, Sister Kate never stopped learning more about cannabis cultivation, as well as upgrading her marijuana growing skills, and furthermore, sharing the accumulated know-how with more cannabis enthusiasts out there. This is an example that every cannabis grower needs to remember, do you agree?

Just pick your seeds wisely, plan your moves patiently, enjoy the ride, and never forget that in growing cannabis only the sky is the limit!

Top 5 Simple Steps of Cannabis Cultivation to Help you Become a Better Grower

Did you notice that we didn’t mention how to become a better grower “in no time” at depart?

That’s because once again, we want to raise your attention towards the truth about growing cannabis: time is a highly subjective term as far as upgrading your marijuana growing skills is concerned. As you get to think of it, aren’t all things cannabis-related highly subjective?

No ultimate guide out there can help you learn how to become better at growing cannabis if you don’t keep the passion, love, and willingness to educate yourself and grow just like your green ladies will be flourishing in front of your very eyes. There will be ups and downs but who cares? Life isn’t only black or white, it is all the colors in between.

We should also remind ourselves to be grateful about the amazing opportunities we have nowadays in terms of cannabis cultivation because just some mere years ago ordering seeds online seemed like nothing more but a distant fantasy. We have gone a very long way in the battle for marijuana legalization, and so we deserve to reap the fruits of our efforts by being able to grow our very own cannabis plants, don’t we?

While there are no ultimate guides that can help you learn how to become a better marijuana grower in no time if you don’t have the right mindset about this incredible adventure, we truly believe that the 5 simple steps we shared in this article can be of your best assistance. We wish you a happy cannajourney!

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