Blue Shark

Blue Shark Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400g to 450g/m²
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
up to 9 weeks
cool, dry environment
Growing Difficulty
1.25 meters to 1.75 meters
Citrus, fruity, pine

Where To Buy Blue Shark Marijuana Seeds

Blue Shark Marijuana Seeds Information

Resulting cannabis between Blueberry Haze. Great White Shark and an unknown ruderalis, Blue Shark was made by Dizzy Duck Seeds and is an autoflowering ruderalis/indica/sativa dominant weed. Blue Shark is a cup winning variation of marijuana as it won at the Highlife Cup 2015 as a 1st placer.

After nine weeks of flowering time, this short plant reaches to almost two meters and will fully grow with resin-filled buds. The plant also has good mold resistance and is quite easy for beginners to cultivate.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Shark?

Blue Shark comes in citrus, fruity and pine flavors. When smoking marijuana, it causes happiness and a relaxed feeling to the user. Hence, it is also calming and is perfect for daytime and nighttime use for relaxation.

What are the medical benefits of Blue Shark?

Blue Shark has been known to ease chronic pain, nausea, stress, insomnia in some people and is also an anti-inflammatory weed.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Blue Shark

Though everything Blue Shark as a product has a lot beneficial medical properties, some users or most of them felt anxious. Some users got dizzy, it also causes headaches and dry eyes and mouth.

How to Grow Blue Shark? Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Shark, cultivate it indoor or outdoor. This plant is good for both beginners and experts as it has good mold resistance and doesn’t need much trimming or pruning. Give it with good attention and proper nutrition to ensure its survival until harvesting season.

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