Blue x Cream C min 1

Blue x Cream C Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 to 500 grams/m2
Flowering Period
55 days
Sunny and dry temperature
Growing Difficulty
Blueberry, Sweet

Where To Buy Blue x Cream C Marijuana Seeds

Blue x Cream C Marijuana Seeds Information

Blue x Cream C is another strain that takes your breath away and is perfect for use in the evenings. It’s got the genetic heritage of the popular Blueberry Auto and the Cheese Auto. Blue x Cream C Auto is worthy of your confidence, attention, and energy, and this is a powerful smoke that you must have with its Indica leaning aspect.

What are the Flavors and the Effects of Blue x Cream C?

She has a powerful combination of fragrance and tangy taste and is loved and respected by many seasoned smokers because of her good strength. This continues to hop and punch you straight into your head, slowly creating a thrilling sensation in your abdomen and effortlessly shifting the lower parts of your body.

What are the medical benefits of Blue x Cream C?

This plant should provide the same calmness that perforates the nerves, allowing them to settle quickly. As others have seen, it’s harder to create an appetite. Individuals who have depression and anxiety at an early stage will also benefit from this weed.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Blue x Cream C

Users of this weed are also likely to encounter dry mouth and dry eyes. It is nothing special to heavy marijuana users. Aside from that, too much consumption can lead to nausea and headache.

How to Grow Blue x Cream C?

Unlike other strains, it can grow better in an outdoor environment. Blue x Cream C is sensitive in a number of ways; exposures to soil, lighting, or sunlight will periodically clear it. The good thing here, however, is that it’s immune to mold and fungi, so don’t worry. They often make the timeline an extra point of exceptional growth for their daily trim.

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