Blueberry x Jack Herer min

Blueberry x Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 20%
250 gr/plant
Flowering Period
8 - 10 Weeks
Warm and Sunny
Growing Difficulty
40 - 100 cm
Berry, lemon, citrus

Where To Buy Blueberry x Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

Blueberry x Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds Information

This beautiful strain, Blueberry x Jack Herer, developed by Homegrown Cannabis Co., is a hybrid variety that you can get when you blend the Blueberry 99 with the classic Jack Herer strains. It has a strong fragrance and a soft fruity taste, making this herb a treat for the senses. You will also be introduced to the plant ‘s real leaves and flower patterns, surrounded by seductive trichomes, which will give you an unforgettable visual experience.

What are the Flavors and the Effects of Blueberry x Jack Herer?

It delights the mouth with a sour cherry sapidity brushed with a touch of lime juice as well as a spice spray. The weed has significant, severe, and sustained results, leaving the user wide-awakened, ideal for daytime use. Because this variety can leave you high for the day, it is often easy to relax with a relaxing sensation, attracting ordinary and professional cannabis users to ask for more each time.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Blueberry x Jack Herer?

Blueberry x Jack Herer’s attractive features come with medicinal benefits such as being the best type of pain-killing properties for everyday body and muscle aches, persistent migraine, cramps, and arthritis. It can often give users suicidal thoughts due to anxiety and depression, as well as a relaxing and optimistic mood.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Blueberry x Jack Herer

Subsequently, apart from natural dry eyes with a cottonmouth, a few people may feel nervous.

How to Grow Blueberry x Jack Herer?

Cultivating this strain is a pretty enjoyable activity for growers. Although the strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, others may say that growing cannabis indoors is much better simply because the strain doesn’t get too heavy and gives the room a soothing fruity smell.

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