Brand Conkushion

Brand Conkushion Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
65 -70 days
Warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Pungent, Skunk, Kush, Sweet

Where To Buy Brand Conkushion Marijuana Seeds

Brand Conkushion Marijuana Seeds Information

Smokers who do not have the sweet tooth will surely love Brand Conkushion. Also known as Maple Ridge Kush, this potent strain was bred by Med-Man Brand. It is a genius combination of Maple Ridge Kush Clone and OG Kush. An undisputed award-winning strain, it has bagged the 4th place at the TY Expo 2012, 1st place in the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2014, and the 8th place at the Karma Cup 2014. It can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Brand Conkushion?

Brand Conkushion scent is a mere teaser of how delectable it tastes. It initially offers a pungent, skunk and kush aroma with a sweet aftertaste. The euphoric high it delivers seems to have no ceiling. You will be instantly launched to a world of happiness in no time. Happiness will keep you inspired the whole day. You will feel calm as if you never had any worries at all. It is so mellow but lasts a long time. It will calm your nerves from head to toe.

What are the medical benefits of Brand Conkushion?

Brand Conkushion can aid in physical pains such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain, back pain and neck pain. It can also numb headache or migraine. It has also proven that it can alleviate symptoms of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. The strain is also perfect for those who are having trouble hitting the sack and even those who are experiencing appetite loss.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Brand Conkushion

As with other potent strains, Brand Conkushion delivers cottonmouth, parched throat and irritated eyes with its effects. These happen even if one stays within tolerance. If tolerance was exceeded though, it will trigger the cases that should’ve been the medical benefits, such as anxiety, lethargy, headache and paranoia.

How to grow Brand Conkushion? Some information and Tips

In terms of growing method, Brand Conkushion performs well in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. Its smell is as potent as its effects so better install anti-odor carbon filters to avoid disagreement with your neighbors. To ensure light and air will be distributed properly, remove some of the big fan leaves. It loves calcium and magnesium.

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