Brazil Amazonia

Brazil Amazonia Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 - 600g/m2
Flowering Period
58 days
Warm Environment
Growing Difficulty
Fruity, Woody, Musky

Where To Buy Brazil Amazonia Marijuana Seeds

Brazil Amazonia Marijuana Seeds Information

Bred by World of Seeds Bank, Brazil Amazonia contains 75% sativa properties and 25% indica genes. A classic strain made by cultivating a Brazilian Sativa phenotype is a classic strain that has been used by indigenous tribes in the jungle a long time ago. It has yellow-green leaves and brown pistils, showered with beautiful crystal trichomes. This strain gives off a musky, woody and herbal scent.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Brazil Amazonia?

Brazil Amazonia tastes spicy with hints of herbs, citrus, and wood. The taste and scent are so strong that they can induce coughing. It will hit you with a strong head rush right away. Pressure around the eyes and temples is felt. There are even some smokers who have felt flushing around the cheekbones. Without a warning, it will launch you to a high frequency. You will be more creative, focused, and productive. You will be in awe of the activities that you were able to accomplish for the day. It also induces conversation, making it a great social strain too. As the high wanes, Brazil Amazonia will start working on the physical. It will soothe any muscle pain or tension.

What are the medical benefits of Brazil Amazonia?

Since Brazil Amazonia can energize by uplifting the mood, it is recommended for illnesses with symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression such as bipolar disorder and PTSD. It can definitely help in stabilizing the mood. Physically, it can help soothe chronic aches or pains such as headaches, migraines, vertigo, muscle pain, and muscle spasms. Aside from the inflammatory properties, Brazil Ammonia can also induce hunger for those suffering from appetite loss.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Brazil Amazonia

If taken beyond one’s tolerance level, Brazil Ammonia can deliver discomforts instead. Minor setbacks are dry mouth, dry eyes, and a parched throat. It can also cause headaches, anxiety and paranoia.

How to grow Brazil Amazonia?

Brazil Ammonia tends to grow broad fan leaves. While promising, it will require trimming to maintain. This is to ensure that air and light will also reach the lower branches. Also, the aroma may be savory for you but not for the neighbors. Consider installing carbon filters. The hydroponics method is also recommended.

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