BubbaX Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 23%
Medium to High
Flowering Period
9 weeks
Warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Short and Medium depending on pheno
Sweet, Citrus and Earthy

Where To Buy BubbaX Marijuana Seeds

BubbaX Marijuana Seeds Information

This BubbaX is made when an original Katsu’s cut from circa 2004 of the Bubba Kush was crossed with the combination of RaydaviesX13 (cross of G13 and Apollo 13) and Thai sativa male. BubbaX has been crossed to other varieties even in hybrid ones. It is being crossed to its pure form to see if its feature of being a heavy pollinator.

Bubba Kush is known to be strong and the effect lasts longer though it might not give heavy yield. G13 is derived from its parents of Apollo 13 combined with G13. Thailand is from the landrace variety.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BubbaX?

The flavors of BubbaX are sweet, earthy, and citrus with some traces of other flavors. This variety allows you to relax, increase your creativity and more focused.

What are the Medical Benefits of BubbaX?

This variety is good in helping you alter a bad mood, depression and relieve pain. It helps also in insomnia and increases your appetite.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from BubbaX

You may have a strong or weak or none at all possibility of having a dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, slight anxiety, and headache could be experienced.

How to Grow BubbaX?

This strain can reach its maximum yield capacity when taken care of. Most varieties were grown in a warm environment and they had produced a satisfying amount of harvest. There are no special skills needed for this plant but you should check it regularly to make sure that no pests or molds are invading the plant. If you know some techniques in growing marijuana then you can also apply to see the result.

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