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bud and breakfast

The Bud and Breakfast is the pioneering company when it comes to the hospitality sector of the canna-lifestyle. It is established last April 2014 by MaryJane Group. They are very committed when it comes to strengthening the industry for recreational cannabis using their unique portfolio that comes in different brands and these are trusted by partnerships. The said company has already capitalized the passing of the Colorado Amendment 64. They have established lodging accommodations that are dedicated to the tourism industry of the growing cannabis.

People have the chance to come together while enjoying their cannabis freely with Bud and Breakfast. You can experience an open, safe, and warm setting when you become a guest of Bud and Breakfast. You can also enjoy a complimentary gourmet that comes with Wake and Bake Breakfast, which is always served daily. Guests are also offered bottomless Mimosas, teas, and coffees. They have also appetizers that will surely tickle your taste buds especially if you are already a cannabis consumer. There are also munchies that are available, and sweet treats at around 8 pm. They also serve a complimentary wine and beer throughout the day.

Wake and Bake Breakfast

The Wake and Bake Breakfast is available every day from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. Eggs are cracked; bowls are also packed every morning for the guests. They usually gather in their sunny and communal dining area that is perfectly designed for their breakfast sessions. They offer a fresh cup of coffee and a Sativa strain which you can enjoy with your gourmet breakfast. All the breakfasts are prepared properly with care by their skilled chefs.

Munchies of Beer and Wine

Munchies of beer and wine are offered all day, and every day. They have water, soda, and premium and local beers. You can ask the inn keepers to help you with pouring a glass of mimosa or wine for you. They also offer desserts which are served at night at around 8:30 pm. They have a lot of munchies that come with different snacks.

4:20 Happy Hour

Bud and Breakfast’s happy hour is every 4:20 pm to 7:30 pm. You can enjoy the use of authentic marijuana in a friendly lodge by participating in the happy hour of Bud and Breakfast. This is done in their living and dining areas and they also offer tasty hors d’oeuvres. You can also have the freedom to consume on what kind of recreational marijuana brands that you want to try.
You have to let the staff know if you have food allergies because the company does their best in accommodating these requests.

Packages of Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast offer getaways that are Cannabis-inspired. With this, you can have the chance to enjoy a memorable and great experience that is perfect to match and tune your taste buds. You can plan your ideal and perfect package for your next stay in The Bud and Breakfast.

Romancing the Stoned

This package is perfect for couples who love toking together. With this package, couples can be stoned together and can set their moods with romantic gestures. You can use this package for a night stay with your special someone.

Sports and Concert Discount

If you are coming to Denver, then this package is perfect for you. You can have a 15% discount on the standard rate room of your preferred choice by showing them your concert tickets.

Take a Ride

Bud and Breakfast offer all the transportation needs that you want whether you are headed to airport, events, dispensary, or even in the casino.

Take A Tour
Bud and Breakfast offer their visitors with a glimpse of a cutting-edge scenery of cannabis found in Colorado and beyond.

Do you want to become a part of the Buds and Breakfast?

If you are one of those interested ones who want to become part of one of the fastest brands be sure that Cannabis is legal in your country or state. If it is, the Bud and Breakfast can offer you a license agreement.

What Bud and Breakfast offer to the potential licensee?

  • With their increased exposure, they offer a national media attention, which has already been featured on History Channel, CBS 60 minutes, and a lot of national, local, and international TV, and also in printed media.
  • They have a centralized booking system that can be accessible using the reservation site
  • You can have the opportunity to raise a daily room rate. They always increase room rates at their lodging facilities because they are cannabis friendly and can offer more than those standard inns.
  • You can have an additional increase when it comes to revenue by taking advantage of the sale of their merchandise, which are always well received by guests
  • They have operating standard procedures, and they can provide you the recipes for their daily Wake and Bake Breakfast and to their 420 Happy hour gourmets
  • They have a national advertising and marketing, which can gradually increase your booking.
  • You can have the increased power of purchasing toiletries, and different products that are utilized by The Bud and Breakfast
  • They offer reward programs, like guest reward cards for Bud and Breakfast customers

Bud and Breakfast is located at:

The Adagio

1430 Race Street

Denver, CO — 80206

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