Cannabis Effects on Multiple Sclerosis

cannabis multiple sclerosis

For those of you not familiar with Multiple Sclerosis, more commonly known as simply “MS”, lets start off with a simplified break down of the disease itself. MS is essentially an auto immune diseases causing your own body to have an abnormal response of the body’s immune system and is directed against the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. In more simple terms your immune cells are mistaking healthy neurons for harmful invaders and attacking them causing scar tissue build up. This can be very painful and can go as far as to cause you to loose ability to move your limbs such as paralysis, tremors, muscle spasms, bowel or bladder incontinence, memory loss, speech difficulties, and depression caused by the pain your body is enduring.

A horrible life altering disease. At this time there is no known cure to Multiple Sclerosis, there are multiple ways to manage it to hopefully go on and live a some what normal life. One of those ways is with marijuana. This being of the most natural approaches you can take for this diseases versus heavy prescription pain killers.

There have been numerous studies showing CBD and THC’s being a useful medicine for helping with MS symptoms with success. The top 3 benefits a MS patient can gain from using cannabis as an alternative medicine for the disease include the following.

Reduces Pain

In 2012 the University of California performed a study on 60 subjects 30 of which were given cannabis and the other 30 a placebo. The cannabis group showed 50% pain and spastic episode decrease when compared to the placebo group.

Natural Anti Inflammatory

As MS is an auto immune disease causing the bodys own immune cells to attack the central nervous system this more then often not leads to inflammation of the myelin sheaths that enclose the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Cannabis is a well known natural anti-inflammatory used by doctors and herbalists. Research has demonstrated that agonists of the CB1-receptor (such as THC) display a neuroprotective effect in individuals suffering from MS by reducing the immune response and therefore reducing inflammation.

Anti Depressant

Clinical depression is often a diagnosis that goes hand and hand with MS, as high as 50% of patients will suffer through depression. Depression in MS may occur due to damage to the nerves that help to regulate mood, or may be a side-effect of other medications used to control the progression of the disease. The endocannabinoid found in marijuana is proven to play an important role in mood levels in return helping with depression.

As these are all major amazing benefits that a MS patient can gain from using medical marijuana, take a moment and research the other benefits as there are so many more amazing benefits to be reamed from marijuana.

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