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Carmen 2.0 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
8 % - 12.5 %
300 – 350 gr. / plant
Flowering Period
6 – 8 weeks
Temperate and Sunny
Growing Difficulty
50 – 120 cm
Berry, Citrus, Orange, and Sweet

Where To Buy Carmen 2.0 Marijuana Seeds

Carmen 2.0 Marijuana Seeds Information

Carmen 2.0 is a balanced hybrid which is from Homegrown Cannabis Co. This weed is known for its medicinal uses as well as for its recreational uses. You can expect to produce plants with lots of buds that are covered with resins. Users should know its adverse reactions, and they should properly use this cannabis so that they will be able to avoid worst side effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Carmen 2.0?

The flavors of this strain are berry and citrus, which are blended with an orange and sweet aftertaste. Psychoactive effects will occur as well as the uplifting high. It also provides a calming feeling.

What are the medical benefits of Carmen 2.0?

It works well in treating health problems. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory, and it does well in curing depression, too. Aches and pains can go away by just using this weed. Users can use this weed in managing ADHD / ADD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Carmen 2.0

Common adverse reactions are the dryness of both eyes and mouth. There will be dizziness, but it won’t be serious. Mild headaches can possibly occur after using this cannabis.

How to Grow Carmen 2.0?

Your plants will flourish if you follow the right way of growing it. Environmental condition is one way to consider in growing your plants. This plant works well by using a hydroponics system. You can provide nourishment for your plants, and it should be properly provided. The most important thing to do is to protect your plants, and you can use an organic way of protecting it from the things that may harm them.

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