Carmen x Durban Poison

Carmen x Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
350 gr/plant
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
6-8 Weeks
Growing Difficulty
80 - 130 cm
earthy, fruity, and piney

Where To Buy Carmen x Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

Carmen x Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds Information

Experience the best outcome of a feminized version of Carmen x Durban Poison strain.keIt provides the maximum impact of most of Sativa and Indica in the market, and you’ll ask for more. This great strain is across from south African descent of the Carmen (Cream Caramel x Durban Poison) x Durban Poison. It should be enough to make you calm and comfortable without the sensation of laziness.

The small but still dense turquoise buds which hit an enticing fragrance of Licorice and Pine make it easier to recognize. We also show sparkling blue and crimson bands, before the buds break apart.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Carmen x Durban Poison?

It is a mixture that makes great physical help, which creates a dense haze. Carmen x Durban Poison has a rich earthy, fruity, pineapple scent with a sweet note. This plant helps you feel relaxed and in a mood to lift your heels and enjoy a moment of calm where you can focus and let go of anxious thoughts.

What are the medical benefits of Carmen x Durban Poison?

Most patients enjoy this strain because of his ability to help some of their illnesses more effectively. The weed would improve those suffering from acute stress living conditions, making them feel more comfortable and less nagged by a constant feeling of anxiety.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Carmen x Durban Poison

The weed can give dry mouth sensation and dry mouth as well as dizziness and paranoia if you have Low THC tolerance.

How to Grow Carmen x Durban Poison? Some information and Tips

Cultivating her in places with no significant humidity, such as temperate climates, is a smart strategy, but Greenhouse improvement is not recommended. It can generate high yields though not for beginners.

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