Culture of Marijuana

advanced marijuana technologies

Tracing the Advance of Marijuana Technologies and Legalization

As we’re already well into 2019, the cannabis industry has reached a spectacular stage of development. In fact, both the…

marijuana cannabinoid effects

Vaporizing Marijuana Concentrates Can Customize the High

Aside from the colas, cannabis trichomes also play a crucial role. These are microscopic mushroom-shaped structures on cannabis that are…

marijuana cream concentrate

Highest Quality Malana Cream Cannabis Concentrate is Made by Hand

Secluded by the side of Parvati Valley in India, Malana is a village like no other. Famous as the village…

high times japan

High Times in Japan: Who is “Mr. Miyagi of Cannabis”?

Japan is well-known for its unique culture that keeps mesmerizing the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for the growing list…

marijuana ancient civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Familiar with Benefits of Marijuana Use

Living in the 21st century, we dare to think of ourselves as the generations of highly advanced, prosperous, and intelligent…

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10 Marijuana Tools Perfect for Beginners

Every cannabis enthusiast out there has his/her own kit of tools that bring the green medication experience to the next…

high thc dosage

How to Dose High THC Cannabis Strains

With how marijuana has grown in terms of acceptance all around the world in this modern era, it is now…

ancient cannabis mysteries

Earliest Records of Cannabis Use: Revealing Ancient Cannabis Mysteries

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years with an important role in creating numerous ancient human civilizations. From Egypt to Asia cannabis played a role.

get rid of weed smell

How to Get Rid of Weed Smells

The distinct smell of marijuana is one of the best parts of enjoying the green medication. However, the pungent smell…

cannabis technology

4 Fascinating Uses of Technology in the Cannabis Sector

The Internet isn’t the only technological advancement that has led the world sideways. The cannabis industry is also among the…