How to Smell Cannatastic: The Secrets of Cannabis-Scented Perfumes

There was a time when people buy cologne or perfume to hide the smell of cannabis. A lot of cannabis users felt shy or embarrassed whenever they smell like pot. However, with the legalization trend of cannabis, things are gradually changing. Today, myriads of cannabis users are no longer hiding the smell of cannabis. They’re […]

Purple Marijuana Strains: Myths vs Reality

The Internet provides us incredible information about almost anything. But if we’re not careful enough in conducting our online research, it’s possible that we end up believing a myth. One of the hottest topics that you can read in the marijuana industry is about ‘purple marijuana strains’. Unfortunately, bad information about this plant has been […]

Can Cannabis Put an End to the Opioid Epidemic?

Cannabis may be classified as recreational and medicinal. Recreational cannabis is used mainly for recreational purposes while medicinal weed is for therapeutic conditions. Over the years, more and more countries are embracing the amazing therapeutic capabilities of cannabis. In fact, cannabis is known as the world’s most studied plant when it comes to its 500+ […]

13 Potent Marijuana Strains to Cultivate and Enjoy this Year

potent marijuana strains

The industry of marijuana is set to move forward into the fast-changing years. With this, marijuana growers should be updated with the newest fresh and strong genetics that will hit the scene. With quite tough competition, new modernizations, new products, and a new era of cautiously cultivated and conceivably game-modifying marijuana strains should be attained. […]