11 Best Weed Memes:A Stoner’s Collection

weed memes

Today, you will find funny memes for everything, right from politics to cannabis. Weed memes are no doubt some of the best or even the chilliest memes on the web. They come in the form of GIFs showing an image of a person who has multiple blunts on his mouth or hands to the one […]

What are the Different Types of Weed?

types of weed

How many types of weed are there? Cannabis strains are more often classified and divided into two major groups, depending on the species of the plant they came from. As weed initially came from those 2 major types, the market is now flooded with many other types of strains called ruderalis and hybrid strains.  Marijuana […]

What is a Spliff: Cannabis Smoking 101


While smoking cannabis can be a fun and effective way to unwind, those occasional pot sessions ask to pay up the top dollar just to have a good time. From purchasing your seeds or ordering fresh herb to find the perfect equipment to smoke with, it can be tough to enjoy yourself without having to […]

Joint vs Blunt: How Do They Differ?

joint vs blunt

Whether you’re new to the cannabis community or have been around long enough to see this family grow like the strains discovered every year, everyone has something new to learn even with the most experience. And of course, there’s always a debate about joint vs blunt.  The oldest known facts about weed can still have […]

Cannabis Moon Rocks: What Are They and How Are They Used?

moon rocks

Cannabis moon rocks are by far one of the most classy ways to consume potent weed, and for a respectable cause. Cannabis moon rocks are the most strong approach to consume weed combined with high levels of THC content. Moon rocks are one of the best ways to enjoy and get hit like a moving […]