Culture of Marijuana

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How to Dose High THC Cannabis Strains

With how marijuana has grown in terms of acceptance all around the world in this modern era, it is now…

ancient cannabis mysteries

Earliest Records of Cannabis Use: Revealing Ancient Cannabis Mysteries

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years with an important role in creating numerous ancient human civilizations. From Egypt to Asia cannabis played a role.

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smells

The distinct smell of marijuana is one of the best parts of enjoying the green medication. However, the pungent smell…

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4 Fascinating Uses of Technology in the Cannabis Sector

The Internet isn’t the only technological advancement that has led the world sideways. The cannabis industry is also among the…

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Best Movies to Watch High

If there’s one activity out there that can give “Netflix and Chill” a run for its money, it has probably…

how to clean a bong

How To Clean a Bong

Marijuana can be used and smoked in different ways. You can smoke it by means of joints, vaporizer, pen, take…

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Best Recreational Cannabis Strains

For experienced marijuana consumers who used marijuana for recreation, know that marijuana strains that have a high THC content have…

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5 Books Life Changing Books About Marijuana

If you’re looking for new information on marijuana, getting your hands on some books about Mary Jane can offer you…

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How Marijuana Can Help Your Dog

Marijuana is seen to have a lot of potentials when it comes to addressing diseases in humans. Though studies are…

bud and breakfast

Bud and Breakfast Cannabis Friendly Hotel

The Bud and Breakfast is the pioneering company when it comes to the hospitality sector of the canna-lifestyle. It is…