Tracing the Advance of Marijuana Technologies and Legalization

advanced marijuana technologies

As we’re already well into 2019, the cannabis industry has reached a spectacular stage of development. In fact, both the advance of cannabis technologies and legalization across the globe have started to shape the reality of the future in profound and meaningful ways that are bound to change the course of history forever. Despite being […]

Vaporizing Marijuana Concentrates Can Customize the High

marijuana cannabinoid effects

Aside from the colas, cannabis trichomes also play a crucial role. These are microscopic mushroom-shaped structures on cannabis that are responsible for the production of those ingredients that affect one’s cannabis experience. Every cloudy dome can synthesize more than 400 identifiable compounds found in cannabis. These include flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Once you vaporize the […]

Highest Quality Malana Cream Cannabis Concentrate is Made by Hand

marijuana cream concentrate

Secluded by the side of Parvati Valley in India, Malana is a village like no other. Famous as the village of taboo where highest quality Malana Cream cannabis concentrate is made by hand, the ancient village of Himachal Pradesh hides numerous secrets that have protected, nurtured and maintained the indigenous lifestyle of the locals for […]

High Times in Japan: Who is “Mr. Miyagi of Cannabis”?

high times japan

Japan is well-known for its unique culture that keeps mesmerizing the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for the growing list of cannabis enthusiasts, Japan is also known for its draconic marijuana policy. However, despite the fact that the Country of the Rising Sun’s authorities has been ferociously strict in keeping marijuana use at bay, numbers […]

Ancient Civilizations Familiar with Benefits of Marijuana Use

marijuana ancient civilizations

Living in the 21st century, we dare to think of ourselves as the generations of highly advanced, prosperous, and intelligent human beings who are blessed with numerous benefits that our ancestors could only dream of. However, trapped in the busy pace of life, we also tend to forget that we would have never made it […]