How to Make a Wooden Pipe in 8 Simple Steps

how to make a wooden pipe

Smoking cannabis from a regular tobacco pipe may either make or break your chance to be satisfied. In many cases, a tobacco pipe does not offer the most potent, efficient, and satisfying way to consume weed. Still, it will be the only solution you have if you don’t have anything else to use.  Cannabis smokers […]

How to Clean a Pipe in 2 Easy Ways

how to clean a pipe

Smoking weed can be a fun and relaxing experience to have. However, the need to clean your pipe after each use can easily steal the happiness and smile on your face. If you are using a pipe, expect it to be hard to use regardless of what it was made of. Well, the techniques on […]

Bong vs Pipe: Which is Better?

bong vs pipe

Have you ever wondered which works better between bong and pipe? Some people compare bong vs pipe because these terms are commonly misused. Well, both options have pros and cons. Find out which one is the best choice for you.  Bong vs Pipe: Pros and Cons Both are strong contenders, so here are the benefits […]

Myrcene and its Effects to Cannabis Users


Myrcene is known for its citrusy flavor and earthy aroma. It is among the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis. Myrcene is a common ingredient in essential oils and often used for skincare and aromatherapy. It is found in various herbs and plants, such as thyme, lemongrass, bay laurel, mangoes, and basil. Unlike the woodsier […]

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

does cbd show up on a drug test

Cannabidiol or (CBD) is a cannabis compound that can be so calming and invigorating. It helps in managing stress, pain, and well-being. It can easily be obtained as it is popular as an option But the question is, “Does CBD show up on a drug test?” This is what concerns most CBD users and newbies […]