Terpenes 101: Cannabis Terpenes Lab Testing Methods Revealed

cannabis terpenes testing methods

If you were to browse the phrase “cannabis terpenes” a mere year ago, you’d get redirected to thousands of pages containing different bits of information regarding the origin, effects, and potential benefits of these amazing active compounds produced by the cannabis plant. But have you ever wondered about the highly advanced cannabis terpenes lab testing […]

Health Risks Associated with Solvent Extracted Cannabis Concentrates (& How to Avoid them)

The primitive way to smoke cannabis is through the use of dried cannabis flowers. Similarly to tobacco, it has been employed by the generation of smokers and cannabis enthusiasts. In fact, certain pre-civilization eras had used cannabis through smoking. Mummified burial tombs in East Asia had discovered with remnants of cannabis pieces beside its resting […]

How to Make a Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a form of a contraption that helps cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite marijuana strain in a fun and conventional way. This mechanism uses two empty plastic bottles and water which helps push the marijuana smoke like in a vacuum down into your lungs. It is a very effective method of […]

Businesses Selling Cannabis Seeds in Vancouver, Canada: Fly High or Stay Low?

According to figures released by Statistics Canada in the very beginning of 2018 based on an innovative study examining cannabis metabolites in water waste, Vancouver was suggested to show the lowest pot consumption rates, as compared to five major cities in Canada. However, only several months later, the New York Times published an article on […]

Educational Programs for Students Who Want to Succeed in the Cannabis Niche

succeed in the cannabis niche

The legalization of cannabis in some other countries has created numerous jobs. This revolution is known as the new green. No matter how you call it, this weed, cannabis or even Mary Jane has been offering effective and acceptable new job opportunities. No wonder why companies have been launching cannabis and it is growing quickly. […]