SCROG Method: Expert Guide and Useful Tips


The life of the cannabis plant goes through just like any other plant on this planet. The only main difference when growing and cultivating cannabis is you want to make sure that it grows perfectly well so it can produce the best possible content and topnotch quality results. There are different ways that cultivators employ […]

Caring For Your Cannabis with Zinc Deficiency

The Zinc has been working beneficially on the cannabis industry for a long time. It is holding the top priority job and responsibility in the garden. And not to boast that it is one of the topmost vital elements needed to have healthier marijuana. From creating fence wires up to galvanized nails, people use zinc […]

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

To answer the question directly, there is no specific formulation for exactly determining how long weed stay in the system of a human body. This cannot be determined with a drug test or any other test for that matter. However, there are a number of factors that may alter the number of days in which […]

Growing Autoflower Cannabis in Polytunnels

The ongoing blast in ‘developing your own’ cannabis incorporates the developing network of autoflower producers. For some, developing cannabis seeds is less complex than making an indoor develop room. autoflower cultivators think that its simpler than developing cannabis seeds outside. Growing autoflower cannabis in polytunnels likewise gives a more drawn out developing season. You can […]

Cannabis Whole Plant Cannabis Medicinals VS Isolates: Which is Better for Your Health?

Medical marijuana is experiencing an unprecedented popular these past few years. It has been used to treat different manner of diseases and medical conditions. You can also find countless medical marijuana strains with different THC and CBD levels. The public image of CBD, which offers myriads of medical benefits, has also reached new heights. Cannabis […]