Deep Water Culture: Another Way of Growing Cannabis

deep water culture

If you are an enthusiastic cannabis grower, and have considered switching to a hydroponic setup then you have probably heard of the deep water culture (DWC) technique. This popular method of hydroponic cannabis cultivation has received a lot of positive feedback from growers who have tried it. One of the main benefits of hydroponic cultivation […]

Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

hydroponic marijuana growing

We’ve compiled our carefully curated beginner’s guide to growing marijuana in hydroponics with a mind to all our fellow cannabis growers who are still confused on whether or not to opt for this particular method of cannabis cultivation. Quintessentially, the very term “hydroponics” is intricately related to the term “hydroculture.” Even though hydroponics is actually […]

Algae – Worst Enemy of Marijuana

algae enemy of marijuana

Growing cannabis can be rewarding especially when growing hydroponically. With the advancement in technologies, researchers and horticulturist is still striving hard to find better ways on how to improve on their marijuana cultivation process. A common problem with hydroponically grown cannabis is algae. Algae and Their Negative Effects Many plant growers think that algae is […]