How to Cure Weed 101

how to cure weed

Curing weed increases its shelf life and potency. It’s an important yet overlooked part of cultivating weed, which significantly affects the end product. Curing eliminates the moisture from the weed and allows the plant’s terpene and cannabinoid-rich oil to completely mature. You might be tempted to use your harvested weed immediately, but knowing how to […]

THC Distillate: What You Need to Know About this Weed Product

thc distillate

Cannabis is steadily becoming more popular as the days go by. The number of products based on cannabis that is available today range from both medicinal to recreational. Some are diluted while others are more pure and potent. One of the purest and most potent forms of cannabis is THC distillate. It is a cannabis […]

What is BHO? And How is it Made?


One common knowledge we know about cannabis is it contains various extracts that may be a potential hardcore bringer yet, at the same time, provide medicinal advantages. However, the limitations due to legalization are what serves as a strong barrier between research and assertions because we are not entirely confident of what the full extent […]

How to Make a Glass Pipe At Home

how to make a glass pipe at home

Why not learn how to make a glass pipe at home to smoke your homegrown stash?  Making glass pipes is something that humans have learned to master for centuries. Romans made glass pipes with a technique known as the blowpipe technique. This is blowing glass through a bubble using a blowpipe. This is the same […]

How to Make a Pen Pipe: A Must-Try

how to make a pen pipe

Ready to smoke some weed but have no pipe? If you have a pen, we can show you how to make a pen pipe. This is one of the simplest ways to DIY a weed pipe and takes seconds to make. We promise no drilling, no cutting, and no buying anything to make this simple […]