Growing Autoflower Cannabis in Polytunnels

The ongoing blast in ‘developing your own’ cannabis incorporates the developing network of autoflower producers. For some, developing cannabis seeds is less complex than making an indoor develop room. autoflower cultivators think that its simpler than developing cannabis seeds outside. Growing autoflower cannabis in polytunnels likewise gives a more drawn out developing season. You can […]

How to Make a Weed Tea

Weed tea is a very refreshing and soothing drink that is made by infusing ground weed buds in hot water. The moment you consume it, the tea releases THC right into your body, imparting a very calming high that is ideal for stress or pain relief. Easy Marijuana Tea Step 1: Grind the weed buds. […]

How to Make a Cannabis Tincture

A cannabis tincture is an alcohol-based cannabis extract. This means that these tinctures are infused with alcohol. Tinctures, in general, were the primary form of cannabis medicine until certain areas enacted weed prohibition. With nicknames given to tinctures such as “green dragon” or “golden dragon”, you might also have the impression that tinctures are not […]

How to Make a Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a form of a contraption that helps cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite marijuana strain in a fun and conventional way. This mechanism uses two empty plastic bottles and water which helps push the marijuana smoke like in a vacuum down into your lungs. It is a very effective method of […]