Green Crack Strain Review

green crack strain

Green Crack strain is one of the types of sativa marijuana, and it can sometimes be referred to as Cush. This kind of strain will make you feel happy, energetic, and uplifted. The term was coined by Snoop Dogg, and this kind of strain is enjoyed by a lot of famous friends because of its […]

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

jack herer strain

Jack Herer Cannabis Plant After coveting 9 Cannabis Cup awards for the best marijuana strain category, it is just right to name this weed variety to show gratitude to the commitment of the renowned marijuana activist and celebrity Jack Herer. He also authored the book entitled “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. He is the personality […]

29 Best Sativa Marijuana Strains

best sativa strains

As compared to cannabis indica, cannabis sativa strains take a longer time to flower and form buds. However, cannabis sativa grower is highly rewarded for their efforts because they gain excellent yields. Marijuana sativa strains are native to Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and India, which are the leading cannabis growing regions in the world. Cannabis sativa […]

Purple Haze Marijuana Strain Review

purple haze strain review

You guessed it right. The Purple Haze Marijuana Stain is indeed in the color purple, but there’s an even bigger reason why its originators named it that way. It has more to do with the effect this sativa strain brings to its users. That’s what the Purple Haze Marijuana strain is capable of doing – […]

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Review

amnesia haze strain review

Based in the Netherlands, Soma Seeds, a marijuana company along with their genius scientists concocted an impressive and very strong haze kind of weed. They introduced Amnesia Haze made available for all cannabis users to try and eventually enjoy this cannabis hybrid. The detailed and expert breeding methods utilized on the processing of creating Amnesia […]