CBD Shiskaberry x Candida min 2

CBD Shiskaberry x Candida Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
9 %
300 - 500 gr/plant
Flowering Period
8-10 Weeks
Warm and Humid Temperature
Growing Difficulty
90 - 110 cm
Berry, Citrus, and earthy

Where To Buy CBD Shiskaberry x Candida Marijuana Seeds

CBD Shiskaberry x Candida Marijuana Seeds Information

Homegrown Cannabis Co. grows a fantastic variety, the CBD Shiskaberry x Candida crossbreeding hybrid of two large Thai types. Despite her exquisite terpene profile, you ‘re going to be delighted with her berry and earthy scent, so many pot lovers want to smoke her. It has a high output of resin, which makes it noticeable in the field.

What are the Flavors and the Effects of CBD Shiskaberry x Candida?

Once smoked, it could foster a sense of couch-lock experience due to its components, especially when ingested in large doses. It makes sleep exhilarating. Her musky scent of the wet soil of Afghani is prevalent in CBD Shishkaberry x Candida cannabis. She also has this Blueberry candy combination of citrus and berries that are similarly pronounced.

What are the medical benefits of CBD Shiskaberry x Candida?

This plant has attracted medicinal marijuana users because it can offer excellent body support and can be used to treat insomnia. It also helps to control pain and other depressive symptoms. The plant also contains an anti-inflammatory agent capable of alleviating inflammation and discomfort.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from CBD Shiskaberry x Candida

It is a mild smoke that can only give dry mouth and cottonmouth sensation to the user. It is more medical than cerebral.

How to Grow CBD Shiskaberry x, Candida?

This ganja can be useful for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It can produce moderate or vigorous yields as long as an experienced grower appropriately manages it, as it is not a fast-growing plant. It needs regular trimming to support its growth and ensure that sunlight is evenly diffused throughout its parts.

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