CBX Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12oz/ m2 (Indoor Yield) 16oz/ plant (Outdoor Yield)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
63-70 DAYS
Warm and dry outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Cheese, earthy, pungent, berry, skunk, sweet, creamy

Where To Buy CBX Marijuana Seeds

CBX Marijuana Seeds Information

CBX is an authentic British Cheese cross-bred by a male BubbaX. BubbaX is the Bubba Kush cut of Katsu managed to cross with an X13 (G13x Apollo 13x Thai) male ray davies. The children of the F1 confirmed a stellar pineapple aroma mutation, which has been the reliable type for ten years now. Two more very aromatic (fruity/sweet) F1 mothers were chosen for pollination in the recent mission to find an appropriate F1 male to work the line to F2, together with the decade-old Pineapple phenotype. Because of the uniqueness of the three mothers used, the F2 population will demonstrate some minor variety. These variations will be subtle and linked to height, as the flower composition on all three mothers was very close.

What are the Flavor and Effects of CBX?

The flavors of CBX are cheese, earthy, pungent, berry, skunk, sweet and creamy. This strain includes high levels of THC, often hitting up to 23 percent, which is why this hybrid is such a fun and cerebrally powerful strain. This strain can leave you feeling uplifted immediately, with a sudden rush of euphoria being a natural and enjoyable occurrence. It is really uplifting; this is why it is favored by consumers who like their encounter to achieve a boost of optimism. This strain can leave you in a great mood, but be ready with some snacks, as this hybrid is also identified to induce a strong case of munchies.

What are the medical benefits of CBX?

The strain can treat patients struggling to cope with anxiety and depression symptoms as it can relieve tired and stressed muscles and provide patient relaxation. In the fight against many pain circumstances, this crop is also a valuable ally, mitigating and restoring a sufferer towards a more comfortable state. It can help individuals with cancer that has lost their healthy appetite caused by radiation and chemotherapy-induced dizziness. With the aid of this drug, night owls or insomniacs will enjoy a night of good sleep as it can keep you tired and calm at higher doses.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CBX

This marijuana strain can cause side effects because it is a strong strain with high rates of THC. Such a strain can end up leaving the feeling of your mouth dry, and your eyelids feel dry and itchy, making you feel fatigued and thirsty for water. In certain instances, this hybrid might also stimulate a benign feeling of paranoia, particularly when ingested in large quantities. It may leave you with a mild headache in some rare situations, often followed by a small amount of dizziness and temporary pain.

How to Grow CBX?

This type of cannabis grows large and dense flowers, resulting in a bushy, light-sized plant in nature. This strain demands a warm and dry outdoor environment to thrive in, producing yields that can be ordinary to high if successfully catered for.

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