CD x C 99 x Purpurea F 2

(CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks
Warm and Dry
Growing Difficulty
Skunk, sweet, earthy, and woody

Where To Buy (CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2 Marijuana Seeds

(CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2 Marijuana Seeds Information

The lilac shade along with green nugs in fiery orange hairs covered in crystal trichomes this cannabis strain displays on its appearance. The appearance is thanks to its genetic lineage which is the ChemDawg, Cinderella 99, and Purpurea F-2. But this not comes from simple crossing as this is like a math equation; (ChemDawg x Cinderella 99) x Purpurea F-2.

What are the Flavor and Effects of (CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2?

The flavor profile of this cannabis strain is skunk, sweet, earthy, and woody hints. The beginning impact would start in the mind then down to the body. It will lift your spirit which you will likely feel light within your emotions. A buzzing body buzz will happen next and draws you dozing within hours.

What are the medical benefits of (CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2?

This cannabis strain will diminish your bad thoughts as this cures depression, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Your thought will profoundly rest along with the pains you had in the beginning. Conditions like inflammation, nausea, insomnia, glaucoma, back pains, and muscle fits will be healed. Likewise, you will be given more on time for a meal as this boosts your appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from (CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2

The first negative effect this strain will hit is the feeling of dehydration. You will feel it within your eyes or mouth. Alongside that, this will prompt slight anxiety when using more than the prescribed dosage.

How to Grow (CD x C-99) x Purpurea F-2?

An exceptional checking and controlling skills must be applied in developing this strain. The soil must be healthy with no hints of chemicals and the climate must be warm and dry. Keep this out from herma plants as this will alter the sex and won’t give you the best smoke at all.

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