Chemodo Dragon

Chemodo Dragon Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 – 9 weeks
Warm Environment
Growing Difficulty
Lemon, pine, chem/kush fuel

Where To Buy Chemodo Dragon Marijuana Seeds

Chemodo Dragon Marijuana Seeds Information

Another progeny of two powerful blends is brought to you by Chemdawg # 4 and Gupta Kush. Packed with long-lasting effect with the fruity scent of lemon, pine and chem/kush fuel, Chemodo Dragon is an extremely powerful sativa dominant hybrid. It has inherited 60% genes of its parent hybrids. Due to the strong effect it can deliver, it is only recommended for experienced users, but can be grown by beginners.

This beautiful, bushy, and deep green plant can grow from a short to medium build. The crystal-like buds with glossy, close-fitting nodes emit a pungent chem aroma. It can help the user stay active all day, while also being suitable for evening use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chemodo Dragon?

The effects of Chemodo Dragon are mind-blowing. The user will experience a literal mind blow. It starts in the head and will make one confused at first. Right after will be a relaxing, satisfying, woozy trip to space. The trip is accompanied by a scent of lemon and pine, combined with chem/kush fuel. The psychedelic state is reported to be strong and absolutely long-lasting.

What are the medical benefits of Chemodo Dragon?

Chemodo Dragon is perfect not only for its mind-blowing capability but also for its medicinal value. It is usually smoked by people experiencing anxiety and depression. The psychedelic effects can help lessen stress by putting one’s mind in blissful ease. Alleviating pain is also one reason why it’s being taken.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Chemodo Dragon

The powerful and savoury effect equates to the negative effects. Instead of being light-headed, users have reported having a throbbing headache after use. It can also make one nervous and fidgety instead of relaxed. The usual side effects of dry eyes and dry mouth can also be experienced.

How to grow Chemodo Dragon? Some information and Tips

Chemodo Dragon growth may range from short to medium size. Adequate space is for cultivation is needed because the plants cannot be placed too close to each other. For beginners with small spaces, the Screen of Green method is advisable. It also needs a lot of fertilizer to survive. Pruning its main stem is alright which makes it good for profitable cultivation.

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