Vaping is crazily trending and its popularity is just soaring high. Since cannabis concentrates has become the preferred way of consuming cannabis, it is no longer a new sight to see someone smoking cannabis concentrates especially in states or places where marijuana or cannabis is legal. 

Vaping is a popular method among cannabis consumers and the use of convection vaporizers has also been used to smoke cannabis. It is a very good alternative for the traditional way of smoking cannabis and also if you are trying to quit smoking, vaping can help you achieve your goal.

The thing about vaping is that it is a much healthier option compared to traditional smoking cannabis. It eliminates harmful particles that can cause harm to health. Vaping is easy and the easiest way is to use a vape pen. Even beginners can do that. Vape pens hold or contains the cannabis concentrates like CBD or THC oil as well as CBD Vape juice.

If you consider vaping as a means of consuming cannabis, there are some important things that you need to consider and one of which is getting to know and use convection vaporizers.

What are convection vaporizers?

A convection vaporizer does not vaporize materials until hot air has been drawn over it to be able to extract the active components that need to be extracted. The heating element is not with the herbs so that the hot air that it produces will be able to seep through the cannabis flower or the oil mildly or slowly. This avoids burning the material and extract the aroma and the flavor.

Convection vaporizers take longer to heat up compared to conduction vaporizers and it requires inhalation technique. Convection vape produces the best results when it is done longer and in slower draws.

Convection vaporizers work by convection heating. Convection heating happens when the heated air is passed on to the dried herb and in this manner, it will allow vaporizing the material slowly, efficiently, and evenly. This is why many cannabis consumers prefer to use convection vaporizers to get the best cannabis experience.

In this process, cannabis or herb does not get in touch with the heating element instead, it allows the is produced through a fan or an inhalation over the cannabis and through the delivery method. In the convection vaporizers, the heating element is often made of ceramics or stainless steel or other types of metal. These materials retain the heat and they are not affected by the cool air that enters the system.

Facts about convection vaporizers

Convection vaporizers are very popular and are widely available in online and local stores under different brands. Here are some facts that you need to know about convection vaporizers:

There are cannabis consumers who prefer convection vaporizers and would like to know which brands or what are the best convection vaporizers that are being sold in the market. Here are several brands that you can try if you have decided to use convection vaporizers.

The above-mentioned products or brands are just a few of the many convection vaporizers that are out in the market. If you have decided to use vaping as a means to consume cannabis, and particularly choose convection vaporizers then the information in this article is an important read for you. 


To be able to attain and enjoy a tasty and smooth hit or trip, you should know the method that you are using. It is not just enough that you know the strain but it would also be a great help if you know how the herb and the medium work together. Do this and no doubt you’ll indeed enjoy an amazing hit.

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