Critical x Amnesia min 3

Critical x Amnesia Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
500 grams/ m2 (indoors); 250 to 400 grams per plant (outdoors)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
10 to 12 weeks (indoors); October (outdoors)
Temperate, Sunny, and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
270 centimeters
Citrus, Earthy, and Lemon

Where To Buy Critical x Amnesia Marijuana Seeds

Critical x Amnesia Marijuana Seeds Information

This newcomer in the world of cannabis has plenty of things to provide to its users. This Sativa dominant hybrid scatters a balanced group of results due to its hard genealogy that comprises of two differ strikingly but identically powerful cannabis. It as well sends mental punch due to its high THC levels and a calming physical high that is fast. In cultivating this ganja, growers will not be disappointed.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Critical x Amnesia?

The acidic tang is the most recognized taste that is adjoined by a hint of sugary earthiness that abates the acidic flavor. When it comes to its effects, this hybrid ganja’s mental high is quick, allowing its euphoria almost at once. It permits the head to concentrate on happiness by removing the problems and faltering overthinking. Additionally, it improves visual and auditory responsiveness at average levels. However, this cerebral buzz is not psychedelic, which means, taking this cannabis can also allow the users to do other tasks. In average consumption, this ganja can relax the body of the users and does not limit its ability in the body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical x Amnesia?

The power of this ganja, when consumed in average dosage, can provide enormous relief. Also, the medical attributes of this cannabis show quick and giving holistic repose that does not let the users wait for a long time. The anxiolytic has negative ideas quickly after consuming the first puff of this strain. To add prevention from cerebral difficulties that damage the moment, its euphoria will be persuaded that controls the mind and assimilates happiness. These feelings shortly alleviate the signs of stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

At the same time, the analgesic possessions of this ganja provide relief to the physical discomfitures. It as well goes with anti-inflammatory that lessens swelling and gives alleviation to several illnesses. This attribute is extremely efficacious in palliating migraines, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, PMS, and Crohn’s Disease.

Negative Effects You can expect from Critical x Amnesia

Just like with other powerful cannabis, having a good thought of the consumption is important in achieving the therapeutic benefits of this cannabis. However, there are still negative effects that users of this strain should anticipate. Both small to average consumption can still lead to lenient dry mouth and eyes. If consumed above average, this can give lightheadedness, anxiety, and paranoia.

How to Grow Critical x Amnesia? Info and Tips

This kind of hybrid can grow up to 9 feet tall once it reaches its maturity. If the growing environment is limited, applying a growing method like training is highly advised, especially for indoors or cultivate this outdoors. Also, it can grow with large and narrow stems and boughs. With that, it needs support as it reaches its flowering phase. If this is grown indoors, growers should have a goal of 40 to 50% RH levels when it comes to the flowering time. Lowering the temperature to 20 to 26 degrees Celsius is also necessary. To double up its yield, using the SCROG technique is also suggested. Providing this cannabis with the optimal requirements can provide 500 grams of sticky shoots per square meter.

Outdoors, it is perfect in coastal places with subtropical weather. This cannabis opts warm and semi-humid settings with undeviating retrieve to a variety of sunlight. If cultivated with the most favored conditions like the open air, each plant can have 250 to 400 grams of pretty nuggets. The harvest is possible in early to muddle of October for the Northern Hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere, it is anticipated for a good harvest in the middle to end of March.

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