Critical x Green Crack min 2

Critical x Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
THC Level
CBD Level
450 grams/ m2 (indoors); 700 grams per plant (outdoors)
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks (indoors); October (outdoors)
Temperate, Sunny, and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
150 to 180 centimeters
Citrus, Pungent, and Sweet

Where To Buy Critical x Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

Critical x Green Crack Marijuana Seeds Information

Critical x Green Crack carries both the soothing effects of Critical and the invigorating punch of Green Crack. Through this collaboration, this offspring has a revitalizing yet calming body buzz that permits mobility. It also has excellent flavors that can satisfy its users once they toke this ganja.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Critical x Green Crack?

If this cannabis is consumed by fire, it provides a fume that tastes similar to its aroma. The lemony zest is invigorating and encouraging to the saliva. An indistinct skunk taste and a prickle of cultivated soil can be anticipated as well.

Considering the tastes it has, the effects of this cannabis can also find pleasure to its users. As such, the mental buzz from this cannabis clears quickly, and on time after having a puff, a burst of euphoria appears and gushing in. The high is vigorous enough, but it is not surprising. Additionally, it uplifts the spirits and permits the head to concentrate on positive things and let go of the problems behind. After making a worry-free and happy feeling on the head, a lift in cerebral vigor comes next. It alters to physical vitality that permits the body to do well though the energy is not enough. With that, it is suggested not to consume this cannabis if you have plans to do an activity that needs your energy because it has a vital amount of soothing possessions that can eventually give idleness after a few hours.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical x Green Crack?

This hybrid ganja is also considered as a good source of alleviating several illnesses. Thus, this cannabis is extremely efficacious in mitigating the signs of mental disorders. It is a real anxiolytic that immediately palliates overthinking and the gush of negative notions. Additionally, it persuades euphoria that gives quick happiness, and with that, stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD will be stopped.

Furthermore, it is also an anti-inflammatory and analgesic strain that helps remove body pains and lessen swelling. With that, it permits to destroy the discomfiture due to migraines, arthritis, PMS, fibromyalgia, and other long-standing diseases. This can also mitigate fatigue due to its energy-boosting power.

Negative Effects You can expect from Critical x Green Crack

It is still important to take note that loving this ganja in small consumption is vital in attaining its therapeutic benefits. It is as well the factor in maximizing negative effects wherein dry eyes and mouth are present. If consumed too much, this ganja can prompt dizziness, a high rate of anxiety, and paranoia.

How to Grow Critical x Green Crack?

This ganja has lots of boughs and chunky leaves. Due to its short structure and having rich limbs implies small intermodal spaces. If being combined, the result will be a strain that needs pruning for great airflow and light submission to reduce flowering areas. Nonetheless, sluggish air and the absence of admittance to illumination in other areas can create moisture expansion that can prompt other difficulties. Aside from trimming away unimportant boughs and foliage, this cannabis only requires basic TLC. It can prosper in all kinds of medium but manufactures better if grown using hydroponics. Also, if grown indoors, utilizing the SOG technique is more prolific. With that, growers should place one square meter with 600W lighting that has 4 to 9 strains. It is as well necessary to have a temperature of 21 to 26 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of 40 to 50%. All these should be given in 7 to 8 weeks during the flowering period. If provided with the optimal setting, this ganja can provide 450 grams of compact sprouts per square meter.

Outdoors, this ganja is applicable for dry and temperate climates. Place this cannabis in an area where it can grasp lots of sunlight. If these requirements are met, cultivators can have up to 700 grams per plant during harvest that can occur at the end of September to the first week of October for the Northern Hemisphere and in March for the Southern Hemisphere.

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