Dark Angel Cannabis Strain Detailed Review

dark angel cannabis strain

Dark Angel is a result of cross-breeding Cheese and Jack Herer Strains, having 50% sativa and 50% indica.

The Dark Angel cannabis strain has the characteristics of both cannabis indica and sativa. The leaves are dark green and the nuggets are filled with THC crystals.

When it comes to the buds, they have long and dark olive green grape-shape nuggets with dark red hairs and purple undertones. The buds and nuggets are coated with tiny lavender colored crystal trichomes which are closely seen up close.

Qualities of Dark Angel Cannabis Strain

Dark Angel resembles the coffee and nutmeg aromas. Dark Angel has full body effects with a sweet and nutty flavor. The taste is unique with a blend of spicy rich coffee, lemon, and hazelnut. It has a pungent aroma with sweet earthy tones and the overpowering smell of freshly brewed and strong coffee.

It is best to use when just chilling out at home. It is recommended for treating moderate pain. The beneficial effects of Dark Angel are the reasons why many medicinal users prefer this strain in treating muscle spasms, spasms, chronic pain, chronic anxiety, and chronic stress.

Potency and Effects of Dark Angel

Dark Angel allows exploration of the mind. The effects of Dark Angel are very powerful and the high is haunting. For this reason, this strain is best for those who have experienced smoking cannabis or are tolerant to cannabis as compared to first-timers because of high THC concentrations between 20% to 22%.

The effects start as a happy head rush, leaving the user dreamy and introspective with vibrant and mind soaring thoughts. The body relaxes until full body stone is achieved leaving a person couch-locked for several hours.

Growing and Cultivation of Dark Angel

When it comes to cultivating the Dark Angel cannabis strain, it is easy to row even for beginners. It is relatively simple to grow Dark Angel using paper towels, plastic bags, and a cup of water.

Genetic Details of Dark Angel

Genetic Makeup: Cheese and Jack Herer
Aroma: Earthy, Coffee, Pungent, Nutty, Spicy
Flavor: Coffee
Burn: Even and clean
Manicure: Too tight hand trim
Height: Short
THC Level: Medium to High
Plant Type: Balanced Cannabis Hybrid
Sativa/Indica: 50% Sativa/Indica
Effect: Full Body Stone
Active Compounds: Medium THC, 17.19% THC, 0.4% CBD, 2.0% CBN
Grow Difficulty: Easy or Medium
Cultivation: Both indoor and outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Duration: 8 weeks
Yield: High, 550 grams indoors and 250 grams outdoors

Therapeutic and Medical Benefits

When it comes to the THC content, the Dark Angel seeds have high concentrations, and the medical benefits come from the balance amounts of CBD and THC. It is helpful for people suffering from arthritis, loss of appetite, and poor concentration. This cannabis strain is effective in the treatment of body and muscle pains, headache, nausea, depression, and headache. It also alleviates Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS in women, as well as for epileptic patients.

The Dark Angel helps cancer patients reduce nausea, pain, and headaches most especially after chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. It helps in relaxing the muscles and lessening the stress that cancer patients usually experience.

Why Dark Angel is Best for Beginners

The greatest challenge when cultivating Dark Angel is initially getting hold of the seeds. For beginners, Dark Angel is a good choice as it follows the growth method of indica. The indoor harvesting period is 8 weeks, and outdoor harvesting happens mid and end of September. It offers a decent yield of 550 grams per square meter.

Because of its robustness and hardness, Dark Angel is ideal for first-time cannabis growers. It is important to check the odor control in your indoor grow site to ensure that air filters are working. Strategic positioning is recommended for outdoor gardens.

What is Feminized Dark Angel

Feminized Dark Angel is obtained either through the normal reproduction of male and female Drak Angel plants or hermaphrodites. It is considered as one of the most sought cannabis strain but it a hard to find strain. It is a balanced hybrid offering high concentrations of THC and CBD. Dark Angel is famous among medicinal cannabis growers for pain management.

Other Users and Growers Reviews

  1.  About 2% of Dark Angel strains come from the Netherlands. It is euphoric and relaxing since it is considered as an indicator strain. It is perfect for cloning and cross-breeding. Dark Angel is truly a 5-star rockstar!
  2. The large production of Dark Angel is made possible with feminized seeds. Online cannabis resources are really helpful, giving growers a guide and information about different cannabis strains. Dark Angel is a good medicinal cannabis strain, given 5-star for pain management!
  3. Optimal environment is important for indoor grow sites. Like any other cannabis strains, it needs proper lighting, watering, fertilizing, and control of humidity and temperature. Start growing this world-class marijuana seeds now! Giving it a 5-star rating!
  4. It is possible to speed up the process of germination by placing it in a dark location at a room temperature. Preparing the grow site to follow the right environmental conditions is pretty easy with an experienced grower, and moderate for a first-timer. Dark Angel is truly a 5-star cannabis strain!
  5. Crop King Seeds are excellent for their Dark Angel strain. Can’t wait to see how it goes so far. Tried once in relieving arthritic pain. It worked! A 5-star rating for Dark Angel!

Dark Angel offers a nice stone physically and mentally because it is a balanced strain, wherein Cheese is a popular performer for cross-breeding and Jack is a good performer. It is an excellent cannabis strain used in chilling out at home, providing moderate pain relief enabling mind exploration. Although Dark Angel is a rare strain, it is now available online through feminized seeds. Medicinal and recreational users can benefit from the good effects of this hybrid.

Patients suffering from chronic pain, migraines, and other medical conditions have reported positive effects of Dark Angel as evidenced by reviews and social media testimonials. This is a perfect strain for vacation and 420 gatherings! If you haven’t tried Dark Angel yet, then you might not know what you are greatly missing.

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