There are two types of marijuana seeds, photoperiod seeds and autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering or Cannabis Ruderalis is an innovation in marijuana. growing, they are a product of years of research and experimentation. Cannabis Ruderalis is a mixture of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica bred to create an autoflowering seed.

Autoflowering seeds have the ability to grow and mature without being dependent on daylight lengths or changes in photoperiod. They use the genetics of the ruderalis family, allowing them to survive more inhospitable environments, and provide advantages that can be beneficial to marijuana cultivators. Autoflowering plants are great in regions with short summer periods. As the term “auto” implies, the plants flower automatically and can be harvested earlier than a regular marijuana seed. These seeds start producing buds or start to enter the flowering stage within 3 to 4 weeks after sprouting or once the main root hits the bottom of the pot.

Autoflowering Strains vs. Photoperiod Strains

Things to be mindful of when growing Autoflowering strains

Top Ten Autoflowering Seeds

Advantages of Autoflowering strains

Disadvantages of Autoflowering Strains

Since the plants grow quickly, they will produce less bud. No twelve-foot plants with colas the size of a Pringles can.

They have less THC potency, Which results in the user not having the “high sensation”, although for medical use this may be an advantage.

Autoflowering plants can’t be transplanted. Since the root systems are fragile. They need to start and finish in one pot, so choosing the right pot is very important.

They can increase your electric bill, since you need to give the marijuana plants at least 20 hours of light every day.

Autoflowering strains provide a number of characteristics that are very different from regular strains. Dependent on your growing goals these can be advantages or disadvantages. For example, if you know you are going on vacation in three months and don’t want to leave your plants in the care of others, then a short growing strain could be ideal. Also, if variety is more important then quantity then a fast turn around may suit you. Autoflowering strains are just another tool in the growing world of cannabis cultivation.

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