For the Sweet – Toothed Cannabis Growers: Top 10 Tastiest Strains to Grow in 2019

If you feel the urge to smoke something that tastes sweet, then you might want to consider getting fruity strains to comfort your desire. From mango to strawberry to lemon, fruity strains grant you delectable selections of flavors, yet still, manage to produce unsophisticated aroma and taste which users enjoy most about their cherished herb.

Given the superior and distinct experiences they offer, plenty of fruity strains are widely recognized in the industry of cannabis. However, even without the award, fruity strains should be given a try by cannabis fanatics because they invigorate things and promotes a much sweeter smoking session.

Whether you are planning to cultivate a fruity strain or choose one from a local dispensary, these tasty buds will satisfy both the growers and the consumers. Over their engaging aroma and taste, numerous fruity strains exhibit everything from superior yields to rapid flowering periods. To give you a guideline about the top fruity and sweet strains, here are some lists that you might find helpful.

Top 10 Tastiest Strains in 2019

  • Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is certainly a trip. This strain contains a low percentage of CBD and a high percentage of THC. It provides a fast, intensive, but inspiriting cerebral high. Not to forget, it brags sweet and spicy citrus aromas and tastes to complement.

The high content of THC within the flowers of this strain gives rapid-acting and promising high, characterizing the best features of the Sativa and Indica uniting. Getting a hit of this strain will institute a commotion of pleasing and relaxing sensations that will excite and invigorate the smokers leading to euphoric headspace.

For a kind of fruity strain that is potent, it provides the best of both the Sativa and Indica – Tangerine Dream is the ultimate mixture. You acquire the intensifying factors of Sativa on top of the relaxing and suiting effects of the Indica. Aside from that, cultivating the Tangerine Dream is a glide for both skilled and beginner growers. This intense plant can carry some physical hurting without prejudicing its harvest of trichome-laden buds.

Tangerine Dream keeps an average height and can grow up to approximately 120 cm regardless if it is grown indoors or outdoor. The flowering period of this strain is commonly extended over 70 to 80 days.

  • Somango

Somango is a product of Big Skunk Korean, Super Skunk, and Jack Herer. This variety of ancestors makes not only a distinct cannabinoid profile but also certain very flavorful flavonoids and terpenes.

Somango is an enjoyable and tasty Indica-dominant strain. Characterized with its tropical and sweet aroma and taste, this strain guarantees your first hit to be mouth-watering. For being substantially Indica, this strain offers a happy, inspiriting buzz with a touch of coolness. Further, it has frosty, dense, and beautiful buds, appearing as appetizing as they taste. Although Somango is mostly Indica, it creates a high that has an impressive mood-enhancing property and a calming physical impact.

It would be good to note that Somango is not an easy strain to cultivate, however, its taste can justify the wait. Even though this strain can blossom either outdoor or indoor, it will be more advantageous if you cultivate it outside because it can extend high if grown in a sunshiny temperature. The moment you get to taste all the delicious cannabinoids and terpenes, you will be happy you have decided to allocate space for this strain in your garden.

Somango is categorized as “stretch Indica“. It can grow taller than 2 meters outdoors under warm temperatures.

  • Californian Orange

This strain is the ultimate mixture of Sativa and Indica. Bringing together the superior Cali genetics, this strain is popular for its high content of THC. This fruity and equally hybrid strain is a bit tranquilizing, but also euphoric and uplifting. Just a few hits of this kind of strain can lead an adamant narcissist ready to get out to socialize. Moreover, it produces an aroma that can be associated with sweet orange which is exhilarating in and of itself.

A lot of growers have the impression that cultivating Californian Orange is just a piece of cake. This strain can catch on either indoor or outdoor, and in a greenhouse to knock. Another good characteristic of Californian Orange is that it does not consume too many months for this hybrid to bloom.

  • Karibbean Mango

This strain developed after the Black Domina and Mango Skunk were brought together. Karibbean Mango has already won several awards for producing super narcotic Indica sensations.

Karibbean Mango is a tasty and Indica-dominant strain. It creates an effect that will doze into a serene sleep and has you musing of taking a wonderful and relaxing moment in a lush island. Between its tropical flavors and mango scents, smoking this kind of strain is its refuge. With that being mentioned, be careful in kindling this hybrid during the daytime. It gives a very sweet experience that you do not want to share on anything else – not that this kind of narcotic can offer you more options.

Cultivating this kind of strain does not need so many skills. With a slight quantity of TLC, Karibbean Mango may outgrow a tree of coconut and generate buds nearly as compressed as a mango. The flowering period can last for approximately 65 days. It is also pest-defiant to boot, thus you do not have to worry about the bugs attacking your crops and damaging its development.

  • Crystal Candy

Crystal Candy had received recognitions during the Spannabis Championship Cup 2017 held in Barcelona. This strain characterizes an Indica genetics that is 60 percent and Sativa genetics that is 40 percent, leading to an equally high which kindles the mind and have the body stoned. The flower accommodates THC levels which can go up to 21 percent if disclosed to maximum growing conditions. These levels add to the high which comes on rapidly and stays for a while.

Smoking the Indica-dominant Crystal Candy, with its sweet melon and strawberry scents and flavors, smells and tastes like if you were smoking on legit candy, however without the intense sugar rush. Rather, this fruity strain gives an equal body and cerebral buzz – one that does not consume so much time to be felt but will stay for hours.

Fortunately, you do not have to acquire the best knowledge in cultivation to effectively grow the Crystal Candy. When planted indoors, the strain creates a superior yield. If planted outdoor, the grower may expect the plant to be even more enormous if planted in huge garden beds or pots.

  • Jamaican Dream

Finally, we get a Sativa-dominant fruity strain. Jamaican Dream offers a classification of fruity smells and flavors from citrus to strawberry, it is great for users who take pleasure in using a balanced bud. It accommodates not only a plentiful quantity of THC, but also a bit of CBD, giving users the energy, positivity, and motivation. Together with a bit shivering sensation, Jamaican Dream can act as an aphrodisiac.

Cultivating the Jamaican Dream and its remarkable self comes together with almost any adversities. It’s extremely huge yields will impress even the expert growers, particularly if cultivated outdoors. But still, you can manage to grow this strain indoor – this fruity and sweet strain does well inside as it performs outside.

  • Strawberry D-Lite

Strawberry D-Lite is a strain acquired from New York City Diesel and Strawberry Cough. This strain emanates a more powerful terpene profile compared to its ancestor Strawberry Cough. The genetics of Strawberry D-Lite brings together the characteristics of Sativa and Indica into a single high, which is encountered as calming and social. This will make a great addition to a cool house party.

This kind of strain is partly Sativa and partly Indica. Other than the delicious and citrus aromas and flavors, users will get to enjoy its relaxing, happy, uplifting, and sociable effects for a sensible high from the Strawberry D-Lite.

Regardless if you are cultivating this strain indoor or outdoor, this pleasant strain does not create a superior yield, nor develop to be a tall plant. Yet, it is still listed as one of the fastest flowering strains, and one of the most flavorful strains.

Its flowering period is really short, normally ranging from 50 to 55 days. The whole cycle of growth of Strawberry D-Lite stays as long as the numerous auto-flowering strains existing out there. It is suggested to grow this plant until 4 to 7 nodal areas occur. Strawberry D-Lite is very short – commonly reaching a stature that is 50 to 75 cm, yielding around 350 to 375 grams per square meter of dried bud. Overall, it is a tasty short plant that yields trace quantities and creates delightful highs.

  • Colombian Sweet

The growers of Colombian Sweet liked to show off their love for sweet and tasty cannabis through this kind of variety. They formulated Colombian Sweet by combining the Northern Lights and Colombian Fruit genetics. It is 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa which was formulated for users who love the aspects of genuine hybrids, taken from genuine Indicas and genuine Sativas.

If you enjoy consuming sweet weed, then maybe the best choice for you is the Colombian Sweet. This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that blusters both the Indica and Sativa effects, all enveloped in one bud. Aside from giving the consumers the kind of relaxation and inspiriting high, Colombian Sweet exhilarates socialization, which can be useful for the loner and reserved type of people.

If cultivated outdoors, the Colombian Sweet will create more than sufficient yields. If grown indoors, they are not as great, however, the buds are condensed, hearty, and appetizing. Not to forget, it also develops a short flowering time because of its Indica genetics.

When planted indoors, the yield can reach up to 450 grams per square meter. If planted outdoors, the strain can produce a yield as much as 400 to 600 grams per plant. The period for flowering can last for 60 to 65 days.

  • Fat Banana

The fat Banana strain is something to be taken seriously. It is an Indica-dominant strain that fills an average punch. Experts will appreciate the body buzz as well as the powerful, intoxicating kick that Fat Banana offers. Neophytes, on the other hand, might not be able to manage the exceptionally high, and thus must consider being cautious when smoking this kind of tropical hybrid.

Expect a content of THC that is 25 percent and above if cultivated under optimal conditions. Chubby buds, an intensive THC content, plus a tropical, banana fruity taste await for people who have the skills and the necessary experience to take her. Considering the profiles of her ancestors, the high is anticipated to be body-centric, alleviating users for pains.

Fat Banana is also recognized for persuading the appetite, hence if you are trying to control your intakes, then dismiss it. To reach its utmost capability, Fat Banana is best grown outdoors with warmer temperatures. You can still manage to plant it indoors, however, the yields will not be as close as huge as they can be.

  • Orange Cream

Last on the list, but not the least, is the Orange Cream. This strain is one of the sweetest and fruitiest strains and it is Sativa-dominant. This strain is half-skunky, however, that does not make it anything less fruity. Orange Cream is characterized by its lemon and citrus flavors. With the arrays of flavors mixed, Orange Cream assures sincere taste. Further, it has an inspiriting cerebral high and shall equip you well to get engage in any kind of activities, from skateboarding to mountain climbing.

Whether you plant the Orange Cream indoor or outdoor, the strain can still manage to blossom. On top of its abundant resin, Orange Cream gives huge yields. And the moment the stage of flowering is done, cultivators get to appreciate its glitzy trichomes, which alone are an attraction to notice and give nearly as much inspiriting motivation such as the citrus energy drink.


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