Ghost Rider OG

Ghost Rider OG Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
450 grams per square meter
Flowering Period
9 – 11 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, Lemon, Hash, Pine, Kushy

Where To Buy Ghost Rider OG Marijuana Seeds

Ghost Rider OG Marijuana Seeds Information

Ghost Rider OG is an evenly balanced hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain is attributed to world-renowned and infamous cannabis breeders out of the Netherlands, Karma Genetics. In order to create this potent strain, these brilliant breeders took a male plant of their proprietary Biker Kush and crossed it with a cut of The White-owned by Krome Genetics. They named the product of this delightful cross, “Ghost Rider OG.”

What are the Flavors and Effects of Ghost Rider OG?

The flavors of Ghost Rider OG are earthy, lemon, hash, pine, and kushy. Ghost Rider OG packs an incredible punch behind its harmless portrayal. Its decent overwhelming and body impacts are regularly checked on as being close flawless in fixation. The high is non-meddling, which means it won’t hit you like a train and put you out for the count for the remainder of the day a similar way that some heavier blooms will.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ghost Rider OG?

Ghost Rider OG is frequently acquired by both recreational buyers and medicinal patients as a result of its capacity to free physical agony and loosen up the brain for a long while. The body buzz delivered by this strain isn’t just ground-breaking, yet regularly portrayed as quieting as it closes down any a throbbing painfulness at the source before they can destroy your day. Ghost Rider OG is regularly picked to lighten manifestations of ceaseless agony, aggravation, stress, despondency, nervousness, and even a sleeping disorder sometimes.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Ghost Rider OG

Ghost Rider OG is a powerful strain, yet it shows genuinely insignificant symptoms instead of other solid variations. This Indica-dominant strain may leave you with the typical dry mouth and bothersome eyes, making you feel marginally got dried out and needing water.

How to Grow Ghost Rider OG?

Ghost Rider OG is a simple strain to develop, as it is, for the most part, complain free and adjusts well to bright and warm Mediterranean atmospheres. This strain is a normal yielder, yet compensates for it by being impervious to numerous regular ailments, and being low-support in nature.

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