Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17 to 23%
1.75 ounces per square feet
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks
Warm and Sunny
Growing Difficulty
Up to 108 inches
Lemon, Sour, Sweet, Spicy

Where To Buy Gold Leaf Marijuana Seeds

Gold Leaf Marijuana Seeds Information

The name alone will tell that this is a legendary indica. Gold Leaf is one of the premium marijuana strains whose lineage remains unknown to preserve its heritage. This marijuana strain is actually famous among cannabis communities considering its indulging splash of flavors, which is a blend of sweet, sour, and spicy. Moreover, all types of users are welcome to try considering their THC levels ranging from 17 to 23%.

Gold Leaf actually caters to both recreational and medical users. They come with numerous benefits that will surely make you curious about what this strain can offer. This is perfect if you’re rooting for an evening buddy because of the relaxing and calming properties Gold Leaf can offer. It would be best to start consuming in slowly with a minimum amount of puffs. This way, you can test your tolerance of marijuana.

What are the Medical Benefits of Gold Leaf?

Gold Leaf has the ability to elevate mood, leaving you uplifted and motivated the whole day. Moreover, patients with attention disorder such as ADD and ADHD works well with this strain too. Their sense of focus and productivity is heightened. This is quite perfect for consuming if you want to spend the night brainstorming.

Considering that this strain is a hard-hitting one, expect highly sedating effects that will surely sweep you off your feet. In just a few puffs, you’ll see yourself relaxed on your couch and will eventually fall asleep. This is perfect for patients diagnosed with insomnia. Considering that their mind and body are put at ease, expect that you’ll feel worry-free. This is best, especially if you’re having a hard time managing your sleeping pattern.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Gold Leaf

As much as Gold Leaf wants to cater to your medical and recreational needs, this strain is actually associated with numerous side-effects when not consumed moderately. With its THC levels that can raise up to 23%, adverse effects such as dry eyes, dry mouth, headache, and paranoia may occur. It would be best to test the strain in the first few puffs to check how the effects are working out for you.

How to Grow Gold Leaf? Some Information and Tips

Growing Gold Leaf is possible in both indoor and outdoor environments as long as it’s free from pests and diseases. The perks of growing this indoors are how it thrives well in soil, hydroponics, and even the Screen of Green growing process.

Gold Leaf is not a practical choice for novice growers. Its growing difficulty is conditional, depending on how well it would adjust to the growing environment. On average, it takes 8 to 10 weeks before this strain blooms beautifully and yields higher. Ensure that if you’re going to grow this strain indoors, control the environment, and always check the air ventilation system and temperature.

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