Green Crack x Somango

Green Crack x Somango Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
THC Level
CBD Level
500 - 600 gr/plant
Flowering Period
8-10 Weeks
Sunny Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
50 - 100 cm
Earthy, Sweet, Tropical, Mango

Where To Buy Green Crack x Somango Marijuana Seeds

Green Crack x Somango Marijuana Seeds Information

Sweet tooth users who are longing for relief and deep slumber are going to love Green Crack x Somango strain. The freshly bred mixture has two well-respected varieties of exuberant tropical fruit flavor as family.

Both with a famous mango hint and notes of delicate earthiness, consumers of this weed are in for a nice ride.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Crack x Somango?

A sense of cheerfulness and calm permeates the room to the edge as soon as the joint is burned. Its distinctly sweet mango smell comes along notes of earthy dank soil.

The mental high is ecstatic. It rises above all difficulties and doubts. The effects are so blissful and gratifying that consumers can’t help but laugh.

What are the medical benefits of Green Crack x Somango?

It is brimming with sweet advantages that help those struggling with mental health problems and body pain. The respite it delivers takes over fast and remains until a consumer is asleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Crack x Somango?

When stoners overuse, they may feel wobbly or get caught in anxiety or paranoia. Also, extreme consumption may lead to dry mouth and dry eyes.

How to Grow Green Crack x Somango?

Green Crack x Somango is such a blessing to breeders. Since the weed is of strong Indica heritage, it’s easy to cultivate. It does not need more vertical space, but its abundant adjacent twigs need a full room.

Nevertheless, it can fit in a small cultivating cabinet. Also, as the cannabis plant begins to blossom, its healthy, and thick branches won’t need support.

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