Before knowing how to keep a joint from canoeing first, you should know what canoeing is to understand it more. Canoeing is a very common problem that occurs on your joint. It is where a part of your joint burns faster than the rest of the part of your joint. It’s important to know how to keep a joint from canoeing.

What is Joint Canoeing

The canoeing of joint results into a pit in the joint structure that resembles a canoe although it is still smokable there is a big risk that your joist will fall apart especially if it is not handled in the right way. The uneven burns in the joint are quite a big trouble because it is a waste of both your money and your weed.

How to Keep a Joint from Canoeing

Learning how to keep a joint from canoeing will make your cannabis experience exciting. The following are the ways that you can apply to keep your joint from Canoeing:

1. Roll it RIGHT and TIGHT

In preventing your joints from canoeing, you should make sure that it is rolled right and tight because there is a lot of ways that you can roll your joint the wrong way that’s why you should know the right way to do it. 

One more problem that arises when you are rolling your joint is that you may overlap the paper in sealing your joint. In this case, it causes an imbalance burn in your joint so better learns how to roll it in the right way to prevent from canoeing in your joint.

Check out these tips:

2. You Should Know How to Pay Attention

After you roll the joint and even after and before you lit your joint, you have to pay attention to your joint. 

Here are some tips:

3. Light Your Joint Properly

When lighting you’re joint, you should consider the two most important things which are the area or the environment you were when you’re about to lit your joint. Second is how tilted your joint when you’re about to lit it.

Area or Environment

You should always know that when lighting a joint, you should consider the area whether it is windy or not. The windy area is most likely the worst area where you can lit up your joint because the wind may cause an uneven burn in your joint that will surely destroy your joint smoking session. 

How Tilted Your Joint Is

You have to know that when lighting a joint, you should consider how to tilt it is when you put it between your lips to lit it up. You should know its direction to lit it properly and to avoid it from canoeing. Remember that your joint must be straight when it is already in your lips before and during lighting. 

After that, you now apply or lit your joint carefully on the tip and inhale few times and then you puff it after that you now have to rotate your joint until you notice or see that it is evenly burned. In this case, you may now enjoy your joint smoking session.

Always be Prepared to Fix it at some Point

After you lit your joint and during your joint smoking session, it doesn’t mean that issues are gone. At some point, there will always be some difficulties that may arise during your joint smoking session so better make sure that you know how to be flexible to solve or make a solution to the problem that may arise. In this, you should also consider two things that may help you to fix your joint if any problem may occur.

Here’s how:

First is to cut it and the second is always be prepared with a lighter


Now you know how to keep a joint from canoeing. Just simply check the joints every time that you puff. It will lessen the chance of disturbance to you. You have to find a perfect spot for you and your joint to enjoy each other.

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