Cannabis is getting pricey, and it’s frustrating to always see an empty jar where you store your precious buds every time. How do you stop quickly being depleted with bud? You can save money on cannabis or marijuana without decreasing your cannabis intake. There are some ways to attain this goal, such as vaping instead of smoking cannabis, proper storage of stash, and self-discipline.

In this post, you’ll learn more on how to stop wasting your money on cannabis without compromising your desired effect and dosage. Get the best tips and tricks to conserve cannabis and lengthen its life so that you can stretch until your payday. Let’s get started!

Vaping Cannabis Can Save You Money

Vaping cannabis not only saves you money but also helps you conserve your herbs. There’s a big difference between vaping cannabis and smoking it. Vaporizers have undeniable health benefits, utilized more by medical cannabis consumers. Recreational users also use vaping because it can also save you money.

If you are on a budget, vaporizing is an excellent way to conserve cannabis and extend the amount of time before taking another session. Since vaporizers slow-roast cannabis dry material, a little bit already goes a long way. This fact is contrary to flash-frying when smoking from a blunt, joint, pipe, or bong.

California NORML Study

A vaporizer is the product of digital technology. The vaping technology can help not only medical cannabis patients but also recreational users to get the most of every money spent on expensive cannabis. High-quality cannabis should never be wasted in smoking.

It is best to vape cannabis than smoking it. You can preserve more cannabinoids and still get the same effects when smoking a blunt or joint. It’s crucial to preserve cannabinoids because of the THC and CBD content, which are sought for their therapeutic effects. The study of California NORML produced promising results on the efficiency of vaping.

Here are the findings of a study conducted by California NORML and MAPS:

Cannabis joints lose plenty of THC because of side smoke or smoke going into the air.

2016 PLoS One Research

In the 2016 research edition of PLoS One, it shows that the quality of herbal vaporizers plays a role in how much THC is delivered into the vapor. That’s why one should invest money on a high-quality vaporizer that’s reliable, efficient, and safe to use. It will provide you the most THC level with each puff.

Here are the findings of the 2016 PLoS One research:

Netherlands’ Bedrocan BV Study

The Netherlands’ Bedrocan BV study shows that vaping or vaporization makes better use out of cannabis than other methods. Researchers surveyed 953 participants from 31 countries about their experiences with cannabinoid-based medicines. The research shows that patients who are vaping require a lower dose than cannabis-infused edibles, marijuana tea, and cannabis smoking.

How Much Money You’ll Save with Vaping Cannabis

One of the most significant drawbacks to smoking cannabis is that it wastes more of the THC content through side smoke. On the other hand, vaporization makes cannabis intake more efficient, allowing you to save more money and conserving your cannabis.

Take a look at this example:

Smoking a joint or blunt (25% of the THC)

Vaping (46% – California NORML & MAPS study)

You get the same psychoactive high with less cannabis when vaping. So, how much money will it save you? Check this computation:

Smoking: 0.25 x $50 = $12.50 worth of delivered THC.

Vaping: 0.46 x $50 = $23 worth of delivered THC.

The difference between the cost of vaping and smoking: $23 – $12.50 = $11.50 total savings with vaping.

If you buy cannabis that is worth $50 worth every week, here’s how much you would save in the long term:

$11.50 savings x 4 weeks = $46 in savings monthly.

$46 savings x 12 months= $552 in savings yearly.

Smoking VersusVaping Cannabis

With traditional cannabis smoking, you usually smoke cannabis in a single session to achieve enough satisfactory high. However, it leaves you about 2 to 3 days with nothing to consume to take the edge off, reduce stress, or help relieve pain. You can divide your stash into smaller and equal amounts, but it won’t bring you your desired effect. While you’ll be able to stretch your stash before your payday, it means that you decrease cannabis intake and won’t enjoy the results.

Here are some considerations and good-to-know facts when consuming cannabis:

With a vaporizer, you can make the same 0.2 grams of cannabis last for three days. Vaporizing does not need as much dry material packed to experience the desired effects. It means that you can easily stretch the remaining 0.2 grams and still derive medicinal value from your cannabis.

You’ll surely reap the rewards of investing in a high-quality herb vaporizer for your cannabis. While the price of a quality vaporizer may overwhelm you, you’ll save more money by not wasting your stash. It means that you will save more money in the long run by conserving your cannabis. Most importantly, vaping provides the same effects or even beyond. Vaping is a cleaner and healthier way to consume cannabis as compared to smoking.

Buying Cannabis In Bulk and Distributing It Evenly

It’s really frustrating to find out that your cannabis jar is empty again. Smoking all of your cannabis in a short time is a waste of money. It’s a good thing that there are many ways to make your weed purchases last longer.

Self-discipline is the key so you can make some adjustments to your cannabis consumption habits, and of course, save your wallet. One way is to buy cannabis in bulk. It’s a great way to conserve your weed and make it stretch.

Here’s how:

Consider Using Glassware

Glassware is your best friend when it comes to saving money and conserving cannabis. If you want to save money, choose a little pipe for only $15. A glass pipe is easier to clean than one-hitters. Of course, you’ll consume less cannabis than smoking a joint or blunt.

The average joint or blunt of weed will cost you at least half a gram. Your roll-ups probably hit for at least 0.75 grams every pop. If you smoke twice or thrice a day, that amount is way too much cannabis wasted daily. So better use glassware to consume marijuana more efficiently.

Consume Cannabis Privately

Sharing is caring. But if you are trying to make your stash last every time, you need to be more strategic. Sharing brings people together, but you don’t have to do it every time. Cannabis is not getting any cheaper. Avoid dealing with people who always pop with empty pockets and empty hands. Better stay at home or consume your cannabis privately to save money.

By doing it privately, you’ll never use less loading your bowl. No more twisting a bunch of joints or blunts or loading multiple bowls because your friends are scavenging your stash. Don’t allow to consume all your weed without contributing a dollar. It’s like not allowing someone to eat all your pizza without sharing the price. Treat your weed with the same respect.

The most important thing to remember is self-discipline. You can effectively manage the amount you consume by taking cannabis on the crucial times of the day to relieve pain or enjoy its pleasurable effects. Don’t allow anyone to dictate you how you should be consuming your cannabis, most especially if they are convincing you to give it away.

Store You Cannabis Properly to Save Money

Temperature changes, humidity, air, and light can degrade your weed. Don’t just leave your nugs in an everyday plastic bag on a table. It’s not enough to store cannabis for an extended period. Proper storage of weed will save you money because it prevents your stash from drying up and growing mold. Moldy weed is harmful or unsafe to smoke. On the other hand, dry weed would have lost your weed’s potency and flavor.

You might consider a freezer or fridge will keep your buds fresher like what they do with food. But the problem lies in fluctuating temperatures and humidity of refrigerators, which is not ideal for preserving the good quality of your precious cannabis buds. Freezing is not recommended because cold temperatures can separate trichomes from the buds.

Remember that trichomes contain terpenes and cannabinoids which are responsible for the desirable effects, flavor, and aroma. Make sure to keep your weed in cold areas and even in hot places like near a radiator or oven. Doing so will cause your weed to dry too quickly.

Here are the recommended methods to store your weed:


Now you’re more confident to buy, store, and consume cannabis without spending too much money. By vaping cannabis, you get the most THC content and conserve every gram of herb you have. Also, properly storing cannabis can help you prolong the life of your stash and avoid mold formation and drying. Finally, don’t just give away your stash even to your pot friends to save money. Sharing is great but not all the time, most especially for a pricey weed.

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